A Feministing Contest!

Louise Sloan and her publisher have very generously donated five books to Feministing to give away to our readers. Fun!
To make things interesting, the first five people to email me with the correct answers to all three Feministing trivia questions will win a copy of Knock Yourself Up: A Tell-All Guide to Becoming a Single Mom:
What was the first feminist organization that we wrote about on the site?
How do Samhita and I know each other?
Name the two one of the co-founders of Feministing who no longer write for us…

Happy answering!

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  • http://norbizness.com norbizness

    1) Ladies Against Bullfighting, Ignorance, and Altruism (LABIA)
    2) Cellmates at San Quentin, 1992-1995
    3) Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from Full House) and Phyllis Schlafly

  • Jessica

    Sorry EG, had to erase your comment–can’t give away the answers!! Email me… :)

  • EG

    Oh, right. Because I’m a total idiot and didn’t read the instructions fully…as I’m always haranguing my students about. I feel rightfully ashamed!

  • http://hugoschwyzer.net Hugo Schwyzer

    Dave Coulier is an underrated figure in American popular culture, and I suspect he’d enjoy Feministing.
    In any event, I ordered the book.