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How the hell did this make a craigslist best of?
Thanks to Elizaveta for the link.

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  • Pickleberry

    Wow… I was really hoping to see a /joke at the end of YM’s post. It was such a lovely parody of itself, after all.
    Also, that guy’s second CL post was even scarier than the first, if possible. The first one just kind of reminded me of Stewie Griffin (you know, same vitriol, same maturity level, etc).

  • Basiorana

    “Someone needs to invent a drug which has no hormonal imbalance side-effects but is able to erase a man’s sex drive and attraction to women.”
    Yes. And give it to this man. Because I really, really don’t want him to ever procreate. Or attempt to date, even.

  • EG

    Well, he could always follow the example of Abelard.

  • leederick

    Don’t you girls ever get embittered? Seriously, ugly women get ignored and treated like shit. It’s so common for social center of attention to be the girl with the best cleavage and legs, regardless of whether she’s an interesting person or not. I’m surprised you don’t at least empathise with the guy.

  • Jetgirl

    Sadly, I have been to places on the web — places aimed at men that are not necessarily designated as misogynist or MRA — where this guy’s views are treated as the greatest thing since the gospel. Thanks to the Web, I no longer have illusions that men of the younger generation are particularly more enlightened or feminist than those who came before. If anything, they seem more misogynistic than ever, and are doing it as a conscious choice.
    Except for CL boy, of course, who is clearly no more misogynistic than the Aryan Brotherhood is racist. He’s just telling THE TRUTH!
    That said, I wish to thank Yesmaster for my big laugh of the day. The ridiculous moniker, the incoherent argument and general chestpounding were wonderfully ridiculous. BTW, you forgot to call us fat and ugly. Tsk tsk, you’re slipping!

  • Nina

    Why do a couple of CRAZY people think it’s okay to extrapolate and make vast generalizations based on their narrow little worldview? I will never understand the closed-minded.

  • roro80

    Jetgirl — No YM didn’t call us fat and ugly, just hot and horny, but without self esteem. leederick seems to have covered the fat and ugly stereotype, though. Thanks, leeder!

  • plenilune

    the rants and raves section of craiglist is where the angriest, most closed-minded woman haters of the world go to spew their hatred. oh, and where 12 years old go to find pictures of naked chicks.
    what’s really sad is that’s probably the most grammatically correct piece of misogynist crap ever posted on craigslist. its normally very simple-minded stuff, or similar to what our friend yes master posted. it’s also why i stopped going to that part of craigslist.
    does anyone else think yesmaster found this post on feministing by typing “pussy” into google image search, and then he got mad it was a picture of a cat???

  • claricedurdan

    “Someone needs to invent a drug which has no hormonal imbalance side-effects but is able to erase a man’s sex drive and attraction to women.”
    Well, buddy, it’s not a drug. It’s surgery. If you get castrated your sex drive will disappear. That’s an elegant solution because it also means if you sleep with a woman in a time of weakness (hers), you won’t have any progeny!!

  • LindsayPW

    Ok so he’s calling women superficial when he’s the one that only gives a shit about physical qualities that women possess? Perhaps we women are the ones who really think because we don’t want just a good looking man, we’d also like one that’s got something besides sheer hotness going on. I’d rather date a guy with ambition and plain looks than one that’s super good looking but a moron.
    It sounds like this guy sucks at life, therefore can’t get a woman to notice him and is just jealous at those who don’t totally suck at life. What a buffoon.

  • Jetgirl

    Sorry, Leeder, but I have no empathy for the perennially embittered. We all deal with crap in our lives, and letting those experiences make us bitter is not just unproductive, but a sign of a weak character. Yes, guys have treated me badly and belittled me. So have women. But that doesn’t make me a misanthrope. If anything, it makes me cherish those men and women who treat me well. And guess what? Fewer people have been mean to me than nice. And here’s a universal truth for ya: you will like some people, dislike others, and be neutral about the majority. CL boy needs to grow up. It’s not all about him.

  • leederick

    Woah! I’m not calling anyone here fat and ugly. I’m sure you’re all total babes – the point is that it must embitter you that men are more attracted to your tits than your humanity.
    I know there’s the embittered fat girl stereotype, but in my experience the women who have the lowest opinions of men are the those who are attractive, but aware men are basically only interested in them for their looks. Plenty of men are interested in a blonde wife or girlfriend basically as a status symbol – like a car or a boat – that’s an appalling way to treat someone, and in my experience those women end up totally screwed up.

  • LindsayPW

    I just read the reply to his own post. Apparently the majority of men think this way. If that’s so, the majority of men can suck off and die in a pool of loneliness and self loathing.

  • mpowell

    I had a much different response than many of the posters here to reading this ad. I also think the guy is pretty pathetic but look at just the first part of his message up until the greedy materialistic part. He overemphasizes the degree to which women are unconcerned with looks, but he is right on with a lot of the things that impress women:

    Women are attracted to status, money, how much a man smiles and laughs, how many friends and resources a man has, how full a man’s life is–how many “cool,” “exciting” and prestigious things he is doing or connected to.

    They are interested in how other people view him–how many people want to be around him, how other people interact with him and whether their interactions convey that he is special and amazing. They want him to be extremely outgoing and aggressive, they want him to demonstrate his status over other people by dominating them in various non-violent ways.

    Not everyone is consciously searching for the highest status mate they can find. But almost everyone is positively impressed by a higher status member of the opposite sex. All he’s done is listed some of the most important qualities for making a guy a higher status partner. His observations about how other people responding to a man being important is quite astute. If you are a guy looking to meet someone in a bar-like social setting, especially if you are looking for hook-ups, these are the things that make a difference. If you don’t have these qualities, deal with it! Or change. But how can you possibly complain? You have a list of things you are looking for- so do the women.
    How can you list out the properties of a high status partner for both sexes like this and then conclude that women are the ones with the problem? Yeah, men are simpler to please in this respect, but its no less ‘shallow’.
    And none of this really leads to a reasonable criticism of either sex anyhow. There are always going to be higher and lower status partners determined by social standards and they will always have to be shallow standards. If they weren’t shallow, they couldn’t be assessed easily, so how could anyone be high or low status?
    Of course, if you are looking for a meaningful relationship, you had better recognize that there are a lot more important criteria in a partner than status. But many people will only be willing to be with someone of a certain status, so they might as well acknowledge that within themselves. On the other hand, searching endlessly for the highest status partners you can possibly get to sleep with you will lead to loneliness. So be careful- unless you don’t mind being single. Members of both sexes take this too far. Remember the other recent famous craigslist post about the woman looking for a man making over 500K in NYC? You have to wonder where your priorities are if you’re going to limit your potential partners so severely for such a thing. But many men are the same way or worse.
    The craigslist ad is so screwed up because he’s clearly figured something out about what women are looking for, but he’s learned the absolutely wrong thing based on that!

  • SouriezLaJoconde

    To clear up why this came up on Craigslist, the site has more than just buying/selling, etc. You can find a job, meet new people, and post on discussion boards all while rejoicing that you’re not on MySpace.
    This guy is clearly a tool, but that’s probably why it’s on Best Of along with a guy flashing a girl, a girl flashing a guy, a guy who writes a math proof to get a girl to go out with him, and a girl who wants to date a guy she saw in an STD testing center. Clearly Best of Craigslist is where one finds the highest caliber of people. That being said, I read it. So… yeah.
    So, the moral of the story is that lots of sketchy people post on Craigslist. A more pressing issue is that a girl was recently murdered after answering a post for a nanny job (aka the guy was clearly trying to find a woman). That, to me, is scarier than this douchebag.

  • realityfighter

    You know, if he said similar things about a racial minority – especially the last part about how he and his buddies are everywhere – it would be considered hate speech beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • bubblex

    “So I completely and totally believe that he is studying biochemistry. What I am more skeptical of is the theory that he was dumped.
    The whole screed reads to me as saying “get these bitches out of my class, they don’t really care about any of this, they are simply distracting the real scholars.””
    Totally. Did anyone else think it was strange that the physical gestures he singled out as his criteria for love were the kinds of gestures you would notice if you watched someone IN class for an extended period of time? I don’t think this guy got dumped, I think he’s been developing creepy from-afar classmate obsessions that “distract” him from his honorable and studious nature. He’s clearly pissed that not only are there a bunch of girls distracting him in science classes where they don’t belong, but also that none of them have allowed him to purloin their (more) important physical assets.

  • Shira

    Weeding out prospective dating partners according to WHO THEY ARE AS A PERSON is the exact OPPOSITE of shallow! If it’s “shallow” to care about what kind of person you are dating, what that person has done, how they interact with people, etc., is “shallow,” then the word “shallow” has no meaning and serves to draw an entirely false equivalence between men who care about women’s physical appearance and women who care about a man’s being.
    It is not that men are “no less shallow” than women – in this construction, women are not shallow at all. This douche is just using the word “shallow” as a dysphemism for “won’t take all comers.” Don’t buy into it. It is not shallow *at all* to discriminate on the basis of who the dude is as a person. It is shallow to write off people as romantic partners if they don’t have a nice enough neckline.

  • bubblex

    “I’m going to start dating English majors, I swear. Those sexy little poem-writing bitches.”
    Yea, I don’t think he’s been the beneficiary of those more pleasurable physically female characteristics – science girlies just wont put out. Lets pick up some *bitches* instead. How can someone who thinks of women as bitches hold the separate and completely contradictory idea that they are not a misogynist in the same head?
    Its hard to imagine being so closed minded that you actually close off parts of your own mind from your analytic power. Not only are they inaccessible to others because you’ve made up your mind, but they are basically a jammed CD drive that keeps spinning in your head both refusing to eject and let you access it. This is an interesting thought in terms of neurological studies because they have actually uncovered instances where the two hemispheres of the brain can hold separate diametrically opposed opinions – the experiment had the test taker answer questions with both hands using abstract symbols to represent yes, no, and I don’t know. The actions of each hand is controlled by a separate hemisphere; his left hemisphere and right hand indicated a belief in god, while his left hand chose atheism (which was his personal view).
    It makes me sad that some people have the knee-jerk response to attack the evolutionary social sciences. Not everyone who is interested in explaining things with evolution is a misogynist pig… there are some feminists (me!) in the mix! Additionally, just because ridiculous people attempt to use the evo-explanations in a reductionist way does not mean that the explanation in and of itself is reductionist. It just means that some people are so full of hatred for women and embittered by feminism that they will stop at nothing to garner “scientific” support for their disgusting justifications.
    Many scientists do not realize the extent to which private parties quote edit their papers to support a radical agenda that the author would probably detest or at least protest. Recently a retired scientist retracted his 1955 paper that had been widely cited by creationists as disproving the possibility of evolution after he found that it was being used in such a way during a Google search. We should let scientists know when their intellectual work is being perverted so they can rectify the situation if that was not their intention.

  • Basiorana

    bubblex– Biology tends to indicate that while there is a difference between the sexes, there is quite a bit of error, and besides, it ALSO tends to indicate that in things that matter (thinking and reasoning) human brains are all pretty much alike.

  • Mickle

    “Did anyone else think it was strange that the physical gestures he singled out as his criteria for love were the kinds of gestures you would notice if you watched someone IN class for an extended period of time?”
    The “way she sits in a chair,” bit was very telling. Not the way she walks, dances, moves….but the way she sits. Yeah, he’s totally getting distracted in class, not getting his attention reciprocated, and has therefore deemed female education to be waste of time – ‘cuz, hey, he’s not getting anything out of it.

  • bubblex

    “bubblex– Biology tends to indicate that while there is a difference between the sexes, there is quite a bit of error, and besides, it ALSO tends to indicate that in things that matter (thinking and reasoning) human brains are all pretty much alike.”
    I wasn’t even talking about biological differences between the mental faculties of either sex. This is the knee jerk I was talking about – not all evolutionary biological anthropology work is trying to undermine gender equality by outing some purported intelligence difference between the sexes.

  • Basiorana

    Oh, sorry, on rereading my comment makes little sense. I meant to say that it’s pointless to say that evolutionary biology has anything to do with gender issues, because what little information there is indicates that there isn’t any such difference. I didn’t mean to imply that there is some agenda to evolutionary biology. I was actually agreeing with you.

  • Persephone

    My Dad hasn’t had a steady girlfriend in 7 years, and now he’s reading this book by a guy who is basically spewing this same kind of misogynist crap (Almost verbatum. I’m not even joking. I can call my Dad and ask him the name of the guy who’s book he’s reading, but I can’t think of it right now.) I told my Dad that women wouldn’t date a man who held these beliefs, because they’re misogynist. I told him, “Women are going to think that you’re a controlling jerk if you read and believe this shit.” and he said, “You wouldn’t date a man who reads this kind of stuff because you’re a feminazi. Feminists hate men.” I said, “I’ve been dating a man for the past four years. My best friends are both male. Why on earth would you assume that I hate men?” His reply, “You hate patriarchy, which man made, and therefore you hate men.” My reply: “If one of my professors mandates a stupid rule that I find unfair, does that mean I hate all professors, just because one bad professor? Of course not!” And my Dad wonders why he’s still single. Ugh.

  • bubblex

    Good to hear – and indeed, pretty much all of the information we have points to all minds being created equally. I think EvoBioAnth work has the potential to shed light on the reasons human cultures have adopted such varying social constructs for survival – which all have parallels in other primate groups. I think the problem comes when people start viewing possible explanations as justifications for the status quo, which they are not. A woman in one of my classes got really hostile when we were talking about the selection for lactose tolerance in dairying populations because she viewed it as a justification for eating animal products; but it wasn’t a justification, it was the scientific analysis of the fitness of a phenotype that was highly selected for. It could of course be used to justify eating animals, but that justification was in no way the purpose or the point of the research.

  • Tori

    Well, obviously, how DARE I, as a woman, have the utter gall to want to only date…the people I want to date. Being attracted to men for who they are AND what they look like? Well GOSH, it’s clear that it’s the former that is so terribly, terribly shallow, right? This fella strikes me as someone who thinks he’s attractive enough to be able to “get a woman”, but too big an asshole for any to want to stay around.
    Newsflash: that’s your own damned fault, son, and fuck you very much for blaming a half of the world’s population for your own shortcomings.

  • Jetgirl

    A winner of a book that comes to mind immediately is “Sexploytation” by Matthew Fitzgerald. I would crown him King Misogynist Asshat, but sadly, too many so-called “authors” are vying for that title at the moment. BTW, thanks to Jessica Valenti for penning a great antidote.

  • Gabbi

    My friend Baylen sent me that. He ignored me when I tried to explain what a Nice Guy (TM) was.

  • kissmypineapple

    Leederic, no, that doesn’t make me bitter, b/c I choose to assume that the men I surround myself with aren’t judging my worth solely on my cleavage and legs. Just b/c many men do, doesn’t mean they all are like that, and you’re playing to the stereotype that feminists are bitter and tend towards a kneejerk reaction of bitterness towards all men, which is just as ridiculous and insulting as the first reading of your post.
    I also don’t think that all of the things women supposedly look for in a man add up to status. My boyfriend makes less money than I do. His car is not as nice as mine. The job he has chosen will not pay incredibly well. Aside from his being male, I have quite a bit more “status” than he does, and I’ve had boyfriends who figure higher on what rates for status than he does. Why did I choose him? B/c I like him. He’s incredibly intelligent, he respects me and encourages my ambition, he truly wants to make a difference in the world, he’s emotionally available, he’s lovely to be around, he likes my family and stood by us through some pretty rough times, he treats me like a partner instead of a girlfriend… None of that adds up to status, but it adds up to partner compatability. I just never understand why people assume women want power in their men instead of men they get along with.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Thank you!

  • Julie

    YEAH, I saw this too and wondered if I should E-mail it to you guys. Fucked up shit.

  • Mateo

    I found this site through cl based on the post and found it interesting. I would like to offer another perspective.
    Firstly, the trolls like yesmaster are crazy, and yes, cl is full of them. But they are the true mysogynists. The poster of the cl post is hardly a terrible woman hater, or scary, or threatening.
    Agreed, he is irrational and very negative and angry. But I am surprised only a few posted comments on what seems obvious. THe things he accuses women of (excepting the negative judgements of same)seem pretty logical and good. I actually appreciate women that judge men on how successful, confidant, and how much they enjoy life, let alone how other people like and want to be around them. It is the women who do judge a guy only on his looks or his “image” Bad boy, cool whatever, that I think give women a bad name.
    I think pick up gurus like Mystery, while maybe seeming a little manipulative, have figured out what makes a guy more attractive to women, and try to become that. This guy, if he thinks he has women figured out, should spend a little more time trying to become successful and have a full life than complaining about it. Actually, I wold be tempted to think he is a good looking guy with no game, and thinks he should have more female attention based on his looks alone. Who knows?
    Granted, he isn’t even right. While women do judge a man on those things, they also, more than men, are more likely to be swayed by the little things of a guys personality. How his glasses slide off his nose. How he gets excited when explainging something important to him. If only more guys truly did see women for all their little details.
    But the bottom line is, this guy is frustrated and angry about it. Sure you can put him down for it, but if you try to understand it, you can undeerstand men more. Not that you have to, but we all need to understand each other and live together, right?
    It is not easy being a man (I know, it is also hard to be a woman) Men are brought up to place a lot of their self worth on how they can attract women. Men who can’t, feel less than and frustrated. Women, while they also have their own I need a man programming, are actually better at defining themselves based on their connections, relationships, and other things. WOmen also, are much better at connecting to other women and men emotionally. Men tend to place all their real emotional intimacy in their dating relationships, leaving men who are not in a relationship stranded emotionally. Women connect all over the place. Most men don’t know how.
    SO, here is a guy who is not successful with women, and is lonely, frustrated, angry and just doesn’t get it. So he acts out. Not appropriately I know. But if you let it, it can help you understand men a little more and appreciate what you have, and encourage the young men in your lives to learn how to be different.
    I would feel the same way about a woman ranting about how terrible men are. I wouldn’t take it seriously, and try to understand where her frustration is coming from.
    Well, just thought I would give some thoughts on it.
    I look forward to the day when men and women can all overcome the societal oppressions that hold us down and cause us to opress each other too.

  • Liz

    Somebody above said, What strikes me first thing is that he criticizes women for their criteria for choosing a mate… and then goes on to brag about how he chooses who HE loves ENTIRELY on how they LOOK.
    Yeah, that’s wht stood out the most to me (after his obvious hate of women). He says women don’t actually like men but it sounds like he doesn’t actually like women.

  • ProFeministMale

    Okay, I am going to jump in a bit late here, but I am going to say shit anyway, and if I am repeating shit, oh well.
    First of all, YesMaster, check yourself. To say that porn is proof that women have lust, too, is to be idiotic. Porn is nothing more than the misrepresentation of women sexuality and the objectification of their bodies. Any idiot who claims that it’s it’s a representation of women’s lust needs to be shot. Lust exists in both women and men, but porn is ANYTHING but the true representation of lust. It’s a representation of misogyny and objectification.
    YesMaster, don’t get clotheslined.

  • eruvande


    I would feel the same way about a woman ranting about how terrible men are. I wouldn’t take it seriously, and try to understand where her frustration is coming from.

    …This is part of the problem. True, there would be no point in just going off on a rant about “OMG TEH MENZ SUX”, but women have serious concerns about their treatment by men, and should be taken seriously.

  • jstein

    I found this article completely offensive, not just to women, but to men.
    I’m aware that there are some flaws in conventional notions of attraction, and that beauty is more of a beholder thing, but the idea that women aren’t physically attracted to men befuddles me.
    I stay in shape and am used to flirting, but the fact that a woman doesn’t have any physical interest in me seems bizarre and, frankly, is contrary to everything I’ve been told throughout my life.
    Any truth here? Probably not.
    At least the writer is an equal opportunity jackass.

  • kissmypineapple

    Mateo, he said all women are greedy prostitutes. How does that not translate to hating women? And, men’s worth tied up into how they can attract women? Maybe partially, but uh, women’s is almost solely based on their ability to attract and keep a man, so your point is kind of moot.

  • bubblex

    “It seems to me that women almost cannot think for themselves. Their estimates of worth are based on other peoples’ estimates of worth. They don’t really find an object beautiful on their own. The object becomes beautiful when other people let her know that it is beautiful.
    I’m completely unable to reconcile the differences between men and women. It seems like success with women is equal to spending half of your life working to create a giant illusion, something vastly tiring and annoying, while sacrificing your own true self and your own interests. We construct our lives around nest-building. We’re like male birds building nests and showing them off to attract mates. It’s pathetic. Everything we do is to get women. It is a fucking shit deal. ”
    I’m honestly more offended by his view of women as incapable of thought. I can’t tell if objects are beautiful without other’s affirmations? Seriously? As a painter I had no idea that I was incapable of understanding beauty, let alone synthesizing it.
    What’s really sad about this guy is that instead of recognizing that he’s a victim of the patriarchy as well, he turns his anger towards women, who are not to blame. Really, he’s pissed that he has to work so hard – I would probably be pissed too, but I would have the good sense to recognize that men rigged the system in this way when they denied women equal opportunities in education and made spousal dependence the only viable way to raise offspring. So maybe his life sucks, but he should blame his own gender for that one and then maybe do something about it. Its amazing that these men can’t connect women’s refusal to sleep with them with their derogatory views; if its clear you think we aren’t you’re equal, we’re not going to have sex with you, let alone give you the time of day… or our excellent class notes.

  • Peepers

    Both leederick’s and Mateo’s pleas for empathy and understanding kind of bug me.
    Here’s the think about that. There’s this belief that women are supposed to be bottomless wells of empathy, compassion, and support. Specifically for men. Even when they have just done something reprehensible (e.g., making nasty blanket statements about women or engaging in hostile, sex-specific name-calling). Like we have this debt of understanding to men, even — nay especially — when they are demonstrating a lack of recoprocal empathy, compassion, and basic respect.
    That’s not a reasonable expectation. I argue that it looks a bit overly entitled, if you think about it.

  • Erica B

    Well that guy was clearly just dumped… hahaha.
    I find the fact that it’s “best of” craigslist a lot more disturbing than his pathetic rant. Maybe he should just be attracted to men and then he’d be better off :P

  • Mateo

    Well, I find the comments on my post interesting. To the woman who said that he is a victim of the patriarchy, I would agree. I would say he is a victim of our society as are woemn. To imply it is his own fault since he is a guy and guys put it into place seems a little too much of grouping eall men together. This thing was created long before any of us were born.
    Of course that does not excuse his remarks. They are not okay. And I don’t want to just say poor victim. But we are all victimes of our enculteration when we do negative things I belive. Opression opresses the opressors as well.
    To the person who got said I was implying that women should be a well of empathy to excuse all men, I didn’t mean that. I say that about anyone. I tend to believe we can end much of the bad behavior by understanding why they do it and working against the things that opress them into doing it, men and women both.
    As for it being a best of craigslist, that is sad, because it is a sign that there are a lot of guys feeling his frustration. Too bad we are not in a society where we are all free of that.
    I do agree that what he says is demeaning, nasty and offensive. No question. But I would suggest he is not a woman hater, but a guy who is angry and frustrated and directing it at women. Wrong place to direct it, but I doubt he is violent or dangerous, and all he wants to do is actually connect with women. Not exactly a hater. But definitely messed up. If he wre my friend, I would certainly want to set him straight.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    I have issues with the women on here that made blanket-statements about porn. Female-directed porn is awesome. Porn where the woman is in control (though maybe is not the Domme) is awesome. Thank god for the Internet. Which is for porn.

  • tigerlilywobo

    Okay. I have some major issues with how when a woman is naturally attracted to an ambitious, powerful man who can provide for her she is a prostitute, but when a man likes a hot girl, he’s just doing “the manly thing.”
    How screwed up is this? I don’t think it’s crazy to be attracted to powerful men. It’s sexy. But I’d hope that before I get in a relationship with one it’s because this attraction is augmented with sincere affection for his character. And the same goes for men. They’re obviously going to be attracted to hot women, but this becomes shallow when they objectify them completely and fail to see that behind the sexiness, they’re actually people, too.
    But apparently my attraction makes me the same as a prostitute.
    Our society is so incredibly skewed to make this asshole’s post get on Craiglisting.
    Oooh, and apparently he thinks that men aren’t their career, their attitude, or thier personality. They’re only bodies that women are crazy for not wanting to sex up. Poor guy. We must be so confusing to him.

  • MysticMonkeyGuru

    I hate women, they are my worst enemies in the whole wide world. In my eyes, you all have flesh-eating cooties incubating in the abysmal depths of your rectal cavities.
    Wemons have contributed nothing but total destruction to the civilized world. You cannot create, you only destroy. Arthur Schopenhauer was right, and you can’t hack it.
    I will fucking bury you all.

  • MysticMonkeyGuru

    I hate women, they are my worst enemies in the whole wide world. In my eyes, you all have flesh-eating cooties incubating in the abysmal depths of your rectal cavities.
    Wemons have contributed nothing but total destruction to the civilized world. You cannot create, you only destroy. Arthur Schopenhauer was right, and you can’t hack it.
    I will fucking bury you all.

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This weekend, England’s women’s soccer team played Germany in an historic match at Wembly national stadium. As the Independent reports, “It was the first standalone game for women at the home of football, drew a ...

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“Grow a thicker skin”: this admonition is given to pretty much anyone that spends even a micron of their time in the public eye of Sauron. It’s been on my mind a lot lately due to the GamerGate business that’s wracked the video game world of late. As a result of that groundswell, I was subjected to a slew of truly awful harassment and bigotry, hands down the worst in both volume and cruelty that I’d seen in my career. Just the other night I was derided as “the post-op tranny” by some random Twitterer– and that’s one of the nicer comments I’ve received.

But is this so unusual? And is it really unique to women? ...

“Grow a thicker skin”: this admonition is given to pretty much anyone that spends even a micron of their time in the public eye of Sauron. It’s been on my mind a lot lately due to the ...