Monty hits puberty

I never said I was a well woman.

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  • UltraMagnus

    ha ha ha ha ha. funny.

  • Tara K.

    The music made that. Monty’s hot for pillow. My cat did the same thing incessantly.
    Monty’s got sexual feelings.

  • EverythingisImage

    fucking hilarious…you have a real knack for film production. great music hahahahahaha

  • L-K

    I love Monty, but…
    ILLLL, doggie porn!
    You’re hilarious.

  • sunburned counsel

    that made my night.
    Our dog went through her domination phase, and tried to hump everything in sight. We have a stuffed moose that will never be the same.

  • Samhita

    OK, I am going to need to intervene soon. What is it going to be like when you teh babay?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Jessica. Just . . . wow.
    I totally can’t stop laughing though.

  • mdickens9

    was that a couch cushion?

  • Jessica

    Well if I have a pillow-humping baby, making bad YouTube videos will be the least of my worries.

  • SarahMC

    What a determined little fella. He’s getting so big!

  • Jessica

    It’s his sleeping pillow. You would think that his name being embroidered on there would make him respect the sanctity of the pillow, but no such luck.

  • SarahMC

    Did he at least make an honest pillow out of it first? Because it’ll never be a successful pillow now that it’s purity has been compromised out of wedlock.

  • Roxie

    He’s not even humping the pillow, but the AIR ABOVE THE PILLOW! lol. It’s time for “the talk” before he hurts himself.

  • manda

    I guess you didn’t introduce Monty to the new absinence-only program. Since I haven’t seen any puppy wedding photos, I assume he is still single. What kind of a mother are you?

  • ccall

    did he ask the pillow’s father for permission?

  • Roxie

    well, we know he won’t be successful now

  • Gweem

    That’s a rather… interesting thing to wake up to…
    My dog does that. Well, almost. He doesn’t find an object first. He waits ’til I’ve stopped to talk to someone or sit down for a bit during his walk, and then, suddenly…. ‘air-humping’. Usually makes the conversation go wonky, and 9 times out of 10 there will be a small child asking awkward questions of their mother nearby.

  • ProFeministMale

    I have a lot of good condoms and lube I’ll send Monty real soon. It’s all a part of the whole comprehensive sex ed thing.
    Although seeing Monty using the pillow DOES give me ideas …it’s been a while …

  • imprimis7

    That is hilarious. Before my dog was neutered at six months, he humped everything, all the time. I had scratches all over my legs from his little nails clinging to me. The worst was towels. He’d drag them around and try to get them into piles he could hump.

  • caietanus

    I remember like it was yesterday when my, now, 3.5 year old dog hit puberty. It seemed like just yesterday he was a pup.
    One thing I never understood about male dogs, it seems like they try so hard and only have one thing on their mind. I mean, us male humans are nothing like that.

  • frooms21

    Better the pillow than your leg!

  • CrazyRidesRockets


  • MadelineB

    You should know that I’m, like, your dog’s biggest fan. I send every picture of Monty that you post to all my friends. I just sent this video to my parents. If that’s creepy, I’m sorry. I’m just in love with him and his floppy ears.

  • sunburned counsel

    by no means my favourite part, but I love that at the end, youtube links to bunches of “Monty” Python videos. Perfect morning.

  • noname

    Snip snip?

  • Cola

    Casper does that, but he’s a fifteen lb neutered feline. So, you know, he doesn’t rearrange the furniture in the process.

  • MLEmac

    my dog is 9 and humps everything in sight. He’s neutered too! I keep wondering how many pieces we have to cut off him before he stops doing that. It’s a bit awkward to take him to any public events.

  • Kamacys

    My dog Molly likes to hump the dog next door. We say, “No Humps Molly!! Bad Girl!!”

  • Betsy

    Oh my god I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. Thank you for that.
    Also” “Mounty?” Hilarious. Awful, but hilarious.

  • Liza

    My (spayed, female) dog humps my other dog’s head. She’s slightly smaller than him and she takes a running leap…
    It’s a dominance thing in her case. But methinks Monty is a big boy now!
    Is he fixed yet? The humping might subside a little when he is.