Samhita: Champion of Sexual Literacy

It sounds hot because it is: Our gal Samhita is being honored by the National Sexuality Resource Center as a “Champion of Sexual Literacy”! We couldn’t be more proud.
The NRSC has an audio slideshow with Samhita, in which she explains “her years growing up in New York state, her riot grrrl phase, and her ‘coming out’ (despite the fact she dates men)” and gives a “feminist history for dummies” lesson.
Check it out.

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  • elizabeth199

    Oooo! I watched it and it rocks. Whoo-hooo!

  • Rock Star

    That. was. AWESOME. For some reason, out of all the feminism based interviews I’ve watched lately (and I’ve actually been watching a ton) that one seemed to be the one I could relate to the most. Great job!

  • Mehitabel

    What exactly is “sexual literacy”? Is there a link or a website that defines this? Thanks.

  • sojourner

    Loved that slideshow.

  • lilaeden


  • ccchild

    Congratulations, Samhita!

  • roro80

    Congrats! Hope you made it out to Folsom yesterday.

  • kiersten

    where are the role models of today? i’m (kinda) looking at one right now. you are amazing, Samhita. we need more women like you, and thanks to you, we are inspired to write, to fight, to sing and laugh and do whatever it takes to make a difference. thank you! thank you all Feministing ladies!

  • puckalish


  • Legba Carrefour

    “What exactly is “sexual literacy”? Is there a link or a website that defines this? Thanks.”
    It’s learning how to interpret those absolutely bizarre wrinkles you find on human genitalia and, thus, gain foreknowledge of the future.
    And you look phenomenal, Samhita.

  • maryjanefoxie

    Samhita, you’ve made my heart happy!

  • Mehitabel

    My question was in earnest. There are lots of conflicting definitions online and I really wanted to know what “sexual literacy” means in a feminist context. Can anyone help me in a non-facetious manner? Thank you.

  • Samhita

    Wow, thanks for all the support. I hate listening to my own voice!
    This just made my month, thanks feministing readers!
    re: Mehitabel: in the context of this award, “Sexual Literacy” means folks that have done work that has helped the sexual literacy, as in education and advocacy around sex and sexuality, to a community of people.

  • Mehitabel


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