Using feminist quotes for anti-feminist means

Nothing pisses me off more than reporters misquoting sources to make the point that they want to, and not the truth. Such is the case with this article in today’s Times Online which takes on the recent trend piece about men feeling “emasculated” by women making more money than them.
Reporter Tony Allen-Mills uses quotes from this post to try and make the point that I was actually arguing against.

The main question on Valenti’s website last week was whether the male ego can cope with the potentially emasculating strain of being out-performed and out-spent by the new breed of fast-rising female lawyers, doctors and architects.

Really? News to me. But here’s my favorite deliberate misquoting:

It is a phenomenon that older men have long learnt to deal with – one 2005 study calculated that 8.3m American wives earn more than their husbands. But it appears to be more difficult for men in their twenties to deal with what Valenti described as “their hunter instincts�.

If I ever refer to men’s “hunter instincts” in a non-sarcastic way, you have my full permission to take away my feminist card. What I actually said:

April Beyer says that women should never pay for dates while in the courting process and never ask men out. Cause it would interfere with their hunter instincts or some such shit.

I know I’m being a bit ranty, but is it so much to ask that reporters use quotes accurately? Sigh.

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