Anti-Plan B FDA officials get promoted!

Ok, so I was clearly out of it this week and failed to notice that Steve Galson has been named acting surgeon general. Galson is the FDA official who said it was his personal decision to deny the application to sell Plan B over-the-counter without a prescription. Also, this:

The draft GAO report indicates that Galson voiced concerns in FDA meetings about how easier availability of Plan B would effect sexual behavior by girls.

That’s the kind of talk that gets you promoted to act as “the nation’s doctor” in this administration!

“In my mind the ‘acting’ is off the title. I am going to be the surgeon general and actively engage in policy and education,� he says.

Well, at least the nation’s women and girls have that to look forward to. Galson takes over the post on Monday, as the Senate has not yet made a decision on Bush’s surgeon general pick, James Holsinger.
And who’s getting promoted at the FDA to replace Galson as director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research? Janet Woodcock, the FDA official who said that the over-the-counter availablilty of Plan B would lead to

“extreme promiscuous behaviors such as the medication taking on an ‘urban legend’ status that would lead adolescents to form sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B.�

That’s right: The infamous teen sex cults quote. Woodcock also said Plan B shouldn’t be sold over-the-counter to teens — not because of the science but “to appease the administration’s constituents.” Again, it’s no wonder she’s been promoted.

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  • Putzi

    The Google banner ad at the top of the Feministing homepage just now was a Heritage House ad that said “Help save the Unborn”.

  • Persephone

    *Sigh* Why am I not suprised? At least he’s only an ACTING surgeon general and not the permenant surgeon general, but I’m scared to find out who Bush has in mind to be the permenant surgeon general.
    And teen sex-cults around the use of Plan B…? Phhh. The one time I took Plan B, what followed two days later was the heaviest, most painful and miserable period that I’ve ever had in my life. I can safely say that I would NEVER use it as a regular form of birth control, let alone join a supposed sex-cult which promotes it’s use. The name clearly states it’s purpose: EMERGENCY contraception.

  • piotrek

    This is preposterous in so many ways that it takes my breath away.
    It reminds me a game “20 questions” that I played in my late teens, in which you have to find whatever another person invented using 20 yes/no questions. Because the invention could be a fictional character, or a fairy tale accessory (and thus it was really crucial to know what the meaning of “is” is), we had a sophisticated system. “Is it a person?” “Is this person fictional or real?” “In that fictional reality, is this person fictional or real?”
    So, in the fictional reality in which sex cults are operational, would those cults have sets of established rituals and parafernalia, or they would be spur-of-the-moment affairs, relying on emergency contraception? Of all possible, and impossible, individuals that can engage in sex, who would be less flexible in his/her/its plans than a sex cult member?
    Comming next: making sales of black velvet legal can lead to proliferation of satanic cults. Black velvet is legal? Aaargh, we are doomed, doooooomed!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the perfect Bush Administration pick to me!
    You know, it has been so long that I’d actually forgotten all about Hoslinger. I really hope that the Dems don’t let that freak through. I have to say that they’re slowly improving over there (voting to repeal the Global Gag Rule! Passing the Matthew Shepard Act!), so maybe, just maybe my hope isn’t futile.

  • D’apostrophe

    What’s a sex cult?
    *scratches head*

  • GamesOnline

    Sounds like the perfect Bush Administration pick to me!free games