Fired pregnant woman was told to “suck in” her belly

Be careful, bellies, you might scare the “beautiful” people!
Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. A plastic surgery office is being sued for discrimination after firing a pregnant secretary who was told to “suck in her belly so she wouldn’t scare away patients.”

[Erin] Griggle, who worked in the company’s Cranberry, [Pittsburgh] office, said she was fired in December 2005, two weeks after telling her supervisors she was pregnant.
In the lawsuit, Griggle said she was told to keep “sucking her belly in” by Dr. Brian Vasser Heil, the company’s president, so she didn’t scare away patients who came to the office to look better.
Griggle was fired days later, despite having recently received a satisfactory performance review, the lawsuit said.

Yeah, but she’s all pregnant and gross, and we wouldn’t want the pretty people to have look at her bulging belly. I mean, that would be too real and shit.

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