Trans/intersex advocacy org attacked by NYPD

This is just despicable. On the fifth anniversary celebration night of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an organization that provides free legal services and advocacy to low-income people of color who are transgender, gender non-conforming or intersex, two of their community members were attacked and arrested without warning by the 9th precinct of the NYC Police Department, as well as others being pepper sprayed in the face. Via their press release:

A group of our community members, consisting largely of queer and transgender people of color, witnessed two officers attempting to detain a young Black man outside of the bar. Several of our community members asked the officers why they were making the arrest and using excessive force. Despite the fact that our community was on the sidewalk, gathered peacefully and not obstructing foot traffic, the NYPD chose to forcefully grab two people and arrested them. Without warning, an officer then sprayed pepper spray across the group in a wide arc, temporarily blinding many and causing vomiting and intense pain.

“This is the sort of all-too-common police violence and overreaction towards people of color that happens all the time,” said SRLP founder Dean Spade. “It’s ironic that we were celebrating the work of an organization that specifically opposes state violence against marginalized communities, and we experienced a police attack at our celebration. . . We are outraged, and demand that our community members be released and the police be held accountable for unnecessary use of excessive force and falsely arresting people.”
Supporters will be gathering at 100 Centre Street today, where the two community members will be arraigned. So if anyone is around the NYC area, make sure to go and show your support.
Thanks to Radical Doula for the heads up.

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