Lactivists protest Applebee’s

Women in 30 different states held demonstrations outside their local Applebee’s recently to protest the restaurant’s policy on breastfeeding.

Plans got started shortly after news about Brooke Ryan hit the Internet last week. Ryan went public after the manager of the Applebee’s asked her to cover herself with a blanket while she breastfed her 7-month-old son in a booth in the back of the restaurant in June. According to officials, this request was in violation of a 2006 state law which prohibits any interference with a woman breast-feeding in public.
Applebee’s responded by saying it would keep blankets so breast-feeding mothers can cover themselves.

You know, so no one would be offended by the oh-so-vile sight of a baby eating its lunch. But luckily, breastfeeding moms and their supporters organized online, and created nationwide action. Nice.

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