Weekly Feminist Reader

Anti-choice acvitism reaches a fever pitch in Mississippi.
Reframing fighting cancer as… sexy? (The lead paragraph is incredibly annoying.)
GPS shoes for sex workers warn police, or, more likely, sex-worker outreach groups when the alarm is triggered.
What the demise of Punk Planet says about media consolidation.
More on the campus birth control price spike.
Shocker: Discrimination drives people to leave the workforce: “What is pushing these professionals out is not, by and large, overt racism and sexism but rather a series of more covert actions that end up undermining their trust and respect for their company and colleagues.”
Chinese couples try to circumvent the country’s forced abortion policies by doing everything from bribing officials to filing lawsuits.
On feminism and baking cookies.
If an Albany hospital merges with a Catholic hospital, they’ll be cutting their women’s health services (i.e. contraception, tubal ligations, and counseling).
Your weight could affect how effective your birth control pills are.
On whether it’s appropriate to compare Elvira Arellano and Rosa Parks.
Some DC firehouses may be running a prostitution ring. (Talk about a hostile work environment.)
HHS bows to pressure from infant formula companies and “tones down” ads about the benefits of breast-feeding.
U.S. childbirth deaths are on the rise.
And the 16th Erase Racism carnival!

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