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Weekly Feminist Reader

TweetWhat’s behind the birth-control price spike? A hilarious review of “daddy” comedies. On the serious harassment problems with a high school ROTC instructor in Tennessee: “Flash your breasts at the chief and you could smoke cigarettes on campus, students alleged in statements to investigators. Run topless in the gymnasium during an unauthorized sleepover and the [...]
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Using feminist quotes for anti-feminist means

TweetNothing pisses me off more than reporters misquoting sources to make the point that they want to, and not the truth. Such is the case with this article in today’s Times Online which takes on the recent trend piece about men feeling “emasculated” by women making more money than them. Reporter Tony Allen-Mills uses quotes [...]
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Sexism (with a capital S)

TweetThe New York Times actually published a whole article yesterday about Hillary Clinton’s laugh. I’m sorry, not her laugh, her “Cackle.” With a capital C. A totally negative, gendered word: cack·le (kkl) v. cack·led, cack·ling, cack·les v.intr. 1. To make the shrill cry characteristic of a hen after laying an egg. 2. To laugh or [...]
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Anti-Plan B FDA officials get promoted!

TweetOk, so I was clearly out of it this week and failed to notice that Steve Galson has been named acting surgeon general. Galson is the FDA official who said it was his personal decision to deny the application to sell Plan B over-the-counter without a prescription. Also, this: The draft GAO report indicates that [...]
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Ren Jender: Creating Art & Community

Tweet Ren Jender is a writer/performer who for eight and a half years was the host and founder of The Amazon Slam, a Boston-based all woman poetry slam that won “The Best Poll” of The Boston Phoenix from 1998-2003 and was named “Best of Boston” in Boston Magazine in 1999. Her work has appeared in [...]
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