Anti-feminist: Carrie Underwood is mean to boys!

You know, i think Carey Roberts is maybe my favorite anti-feminist. He’s at least in the top five. Because he’s nothing if not original. First it was that feminists have a mental disorder (which he called “FIPH – feminist-induced phobic hysteria.”). Then it was that feminists ruined Amnesty International.
Roberts’ latest gripe? American Idol winner Carrie Underwood:

Dial up your local Country and Western station and you may soon find your fingers tapping out the beat of Carrie Underwood’s latest hit, Before He Cheats. Underwood suspects her boyfriend is probably cheating on her (in matters of infidelity, I guess “probably� is proof enough).
This how she extracts her revenge:
“I dug my key into the side
of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive,
Carved my name into his leather seats…
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
slashed a hole in all four tires…�
Trashing your boyfriend’s car has little to do with sugar and spice and everything nice. But it’s the title — Before He Cheats – that turns this song into a bitter gender tirade. Just imagine a male star reaching platinum for crooning, Before She Aborts.

I’m unsure how Roberts makes the leap to abortion here, but I’m impressed. (Equally as impressive is how he goes from Carrie Underwood to The Color Purple to women feminizing the church all in the same article–kudos, Carey!)
But you have to love that anti-feminists hold on to things like this (and Lifetime and Oprah to prove that women have power!) for dear life in order to prove how the world is out to get men. I mean, Carrie Underwood is the best they can do. Yeah.

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  • UCLAbodyimage

    Elise, this was in Archives of Sexual Behavior recently, might bode well if u submitted:

  • Taisa-Marie

    I read the newspaper a LOT when I was a kid and remember reading an article where Aerosmith was criticized for “Janie’s got a gun” (for those who dont know the song, about a girl who has been sexually abused and finally snaps and kills her father/abuser) because it dealt with rape and how some of the lyrics were changed because the label wouldnt release the song with the lyrics as “he raped a little bitty baby” and it was changed to “he jacked a little bitty baby”.
    Imagine an 8-year-old me asking my mom what ‘raped’ and ‘jacked’ meant. She turned pale as a ghost… lets just say she previewed the paper each day from then on, lol.
    The band was also criticized by some groups for singing about about the girl killing her abuser and so on some radio versions of the song instead of hearing the original lyrics of “and put a bullet in his brain” was changed to “and left him in the pouring rain” because (and this always stuck with me and pissed me off when I was old enough to reflect and understand what I read) I felt like the groups mad about the song felt it was ok to still hint at rape but when a girl killed her abuser it was crossing the line.

  • Shyva

    UCLAbodyimage: “Isn’t that the “before you cheat on me” aspect of the song? I.e., think twice about cheating on me again, because this is what I’ll do to you?”
    Actually, the song goes:

    I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl
    Because the next time that he cheats
    Oh, you know it won’t be on me
    No, not on me

    So this isn’t exactly a pre-emptive strike, and she’s breaking up with him.
    I find the tune of the song catchy. And, when you’re pissed off, playing “Before He Cheats”, Pink’s “You and Your Hand”, and Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” in succession is very good therapy. Sometimes you just need to hear a good angry woman song.

  • SarahMC

    “You and Your Hand” is a great song. Pink should join us on Feministing.

  • Elise

    UCLA – You know, you’re really tempting me to do it (and you’re now not the only one who has read it to do so). So that we don’t clutter up this thread, why don’t we continue this on my lifeaftergonzales blog. I moderate comments there because of spam problems, so if you leave a comment there with your e-mail or other online contact info, it won’t be published, but we can use that to e-mail back and forth.

  • snobographer

    I’m too tired to read all the comments here, so I’m sorry if I’m reiterating someone else’s point.
    Someone did beat me to commenting about the Toby Keith video (which won CMV video of the year BTW & PS).
    In Underwood’s song, she’s violent towards a car and she’s angry and insane.
    In Keith’s video, he’s violent towards a person, and for it he won one of the highest honors in his field.

  • apb3000

    Roberts’ statement is ridiculous. Underwood is not advocating violence against men, women, or even cars.
    She is singing a SONG. The thing about songs, is that you can’t make the lyrics something along these lines:
    he cheated on me
    now we’re discussing our future
    I was angry; I yelled and cried
    we’ve got a lot to work out
    It seems to me he’s not worth the trouble
    I think we’ll break up

    Song lyrics require compelling imagery and exaggeration in addition to hooks. You have to get your point across in a very short amount of time, and you have to do it in a way that remains with the listener – especially if you’re going to have a hit. So explaining your rage doesn’t work the way showing it by describing an act like Underwood’s car-destruction would.
    Nobody really thinks that she’s advocating wrecking a cheating boyfriend’s car. And even if they were, given the state of popular music, I think that’s kinda the least of our worries.

  • Mina

    “Song lyrics require compelling imagery and exaggeration in addition to hooks.”
    Not to mention getting the beats and rhymes in order.

  • the15th

    SarahMC, the Nickelback lyrics you posted crack me up because I keep hearing
    Your pants around your feet
    The dirt that’s on your knees
    The way you still say please
    No, they can’t take that away from me

    There was certainly a lot of sexism in pop culture when Gershwin wrote that song, but I don’t think this level of raw, violent woman hatred was acceptable to express publicly.

  • Shadow32

    Kenny Rogers not only wrote Ruby but “Tomb of the Unknown Love” which describes how he was driven by “the awesome burning power of love” to kill his cheating girlfriend and her lover.
    I remember this vividly because at the time it came out, critics were screaming about misogyny in rap videos and I didn’t see this as any different.
    Go back further and we have the Fab Four singing “Run for your life” in which the girl is told she’s dead if they ever catch her with someone else.
    So no, men doing much worse than busting a truck do not get the same level of criticism.
    More generally, I’m sick of the argument that “Feminists say they want equality but they don’t because they don’t speak up when men are discriminated against! Hypocrites!”
    By this logic, B’Nai Brith is hypocritical because it doesn’t speak up for Christians, NAACP is hypocritical if it doesn’t speak up for white, etc.