I never liked beer, sorry to all you beer lovers, I just never have.

But this is one of the reasons for sure. There is nothing weirder than the cyborg woman fetish. Well, except the cyborg woman who multiplies and exists to be gutted and filled with a beer keg. I am sure this ad campaign is supposed to be edgy and (post!) modern, but really it relies on some pretty standard notions of what the *purpose* of a woman is and that it is all good to watch her being cut up, spliced and reproduced like starfish or something. Clearly, anything but edgy.

Cara has more, including info on where you can lodge a complaint.

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  • MasterJeff

    Um, physical attractiveness is the first female attribute that men notice, and in my mind nothing for women to be ashamed of. You should embrace your looks or “lack of” rather than brainwashing everyone to ignore them.
    The robot commercial is aimed at guys…gives us our two favorite things…a hot chick who can chill and pour us a beer. BooYah!!!!!

  • http://thecurvature.com Anonymous

    Wow, MasterJeff, you’re an ass. Thanks for the warning.

  • ponies and rainbows

    Yeah, we should “embrace” our looks as long as we’re white, blonde, young, thin, large breasted and not disabled. And then, for the few of us who do measure up to your fascist beauty standards, you’ll accuse us of being bimbos and getting to where we are because of our looks. Suddenly your analysis doesn’t sound so empowering. Go back to your KKK meetings, Jeff, where you and your cronies can continue to talk about ways to create a world where people can experience heaps ‘o unearned privilege.

  • mccarth

    And the new Heineken ad, with the women screaming about a shoe closet and the men screaming about a beer closet? Jesus. I’m never drinking Heineken again, that’s for sure. And I used to like it. Thanks for the ads, Heineken– now you have one less customer.