The myth of “gray rape”

I’ve heard that the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has an article about “gray rape.” Which, let’s remember, is a total fucking myth.
And not-so-shockingly, the piece is written by Laura Sessions Stepp–not exactly a bastion of feminism.
I’ve gotten several emails from sexual assault and intimate partner violence activists who are incredibly upset about the article–not only because it gives credence to the idea that rape is somehow a “gray” area, but because of the media play the article (and idea) seems to be getting.
One activist even told me that she was asked to go on a morning show to discuss the article, and when she explained that there was no such thing as “gray rape” recognized in the field–they cut her from the segment.
More to come when I pick up the magazine, but in the meantime read these great pieces on sexual assault by Courtney Martin and Jaclyn Friedman to clear your mind of Stepp’s bullshit.

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