Best letter to the editor I have ever seen.

UPDATE: 21st Century mom scanned the picture for me! THANKS!
I can’t seem to find this picture online, but my coworker pointed this out to me in today’s Chronicle. It is in response to a picture of a pregnant woman’s stomach from the side with an image of the world imposed on it. This was the response that one reader had and I applaud it.

Don’t blame women
Editor – Your picture of a naked, pregnant woman’s belly (Letters, July 22) to symbolize the overpopulation crisis is both vulgar and misleading. A picture of an erect penis would be more accurate. Men’s lust and arrogance, not women’s fertility, is the cause of overpopulation.
Patriarchal religions, such as Roman Catholicism, fundamentalist Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as patriarchal societies, such as just about every one in the world, are responsible for the overpopulation crisis.
Access to birth control is denied to hundreds of millions of women. These same women are often forced to have intercourse at the risk of their health and lives. It is they who are victims, not the perpetrators, of this crime against the Earth and humanity.

Bravo. If I can get the picture I will post it.
via SF Chronicle.

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