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Fun with Feminist Flickr (hot button edition)

Tweet There’s only one word I can use to describe this button: WANT. Pic from SarahDeer. Tweet
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Hill’s hills: The stuff that got edited out

TweetBecause a 3-second soundbite wasn’t enough… Here’s what else I was going to say about the so-called controversy over Hillary Clinton sporting a v-neck top. Then I promise to stop yammering about it. First off, Robin Givhan is a fashion writer for a paper in the political capital of the country. Of course she’s going [...]
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Quick Hit: Pay Equity Legislation passes House

TweetThe ACLU reports that the House of Representatives has passed H.R. 2831, the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007.” …aimed at fixing the May 29, 2007 Supreme Court decision undermining protections against wage discrimination in compensation that have been bedrock principles of civil rights law for decades. Tweet
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My isn’t that a MANLY sweater you have on there!

TweetOh what a sad day when I found this piece of trash in my inbox today courtesy of reader Traci, found via CNN but originally in Oprah’s mag. Oh Oprah, how could you do me like that? More bad frenzy inducing advice on how to get through to your man. Gross. “You’re 100 percent correct” [...]
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Why don’t women ask for raises?

TweetA recent study found that women are less likely to ask for higher salaries because when they do the social costs are far greater than when men ask for raises. You know the usual–I don’t want to work with an aggressive, ball-busting bitch. The study first done by a professor, who noticed that women Ph.d [...]
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