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Promiscuities my ass.

TweetNaomi Wolf had the cover story in New York Magazine on Saturday titled, “The Porn Myth,� which largely discussed how porn today basically kills people’s sex lives; or in other words, men’s. With mainstream porn’s fake breasts, tiny vaginas and perpetually tan bodies, the unrealistic expectations it puts on straight men and what sex is [...]
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Actual Fox headline: Should physical size factor into who wins America Idol?

TweetWow. People are assholes. Tweet
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Colors of Domestic Violence?

Tweet Benetton, the clothing company well known for its ads, has created a Colors of Domestic Violence campaign. Thoughts? Tweet
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Turning to the Quran stop FGM.

TweetHealth activists in sub-Saharan Africa are seeing that attempts at stopping FGM based on women’s rights isn’t working, so they are turning to the Quran, to find evidence that it is not a religious necessity. Abdi, who speaks about female genital mutilation on behalf of the US-based Population Council, said invoking Islam penetrates years of [...]
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Leave Tinky Winky alone!

Tweet I, like Christopher Hitchens, do not give a rat’s ass about Rev. Jerry Falwell. I was reminded of another reason why he did indeed lead people based on paranoid, hate-based superstition. Falwell outed Tinky Winky and for that I will never forgive him. Nothing (well not nothing) gave me more pleasure when I was [...]
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