Liveblogging the Causes in Common conference

Contributed by Kate Harding
Yesterday I got an e-mail informing me that Feministing’s Jen had thrown out her back and couldn’t attend the first ever Causes in Common Meeting today and the SisterSong Conference over the next few days as planned. Having the extensive qualifications of being a Chicago blogger who was available to do it, I was asked to fill in for her. I’m so sorry Jen’s in pain, but so grateful to have this opportunity — both to write for Feministing and to attend these gatherings, the first of which is already shaping up to be fantastic.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Causes in Common, it’s an organization devoted to making connections between activists for reproductive justice and the LGBT community. Their FAQs explains more about this too-often overlooked intersection of equality and self-determination issues.
There is SO MUCH to say about the morning’s panel on the National Legislative Landscape and Statewide Ballot Initiatives — not to mention a few enlightening conversations with other attendees– but I have to get back soon for the afternoon panel on Assisted Reproductive Genetic Technologies. Right now, I’ll just pass along the Quote of the Morning, from Jackie Payne, Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, with regard to politicians who campaign on homophobic and anti-choice platforms:
“I want to spank these people, and I want them to know that if they go against us, we will go against them.”
More later.
Kate Harding is a Chicago-based writer who blogs about feminism and fat acceptance at Shapely Prose and about books at The Bibliophilistines.

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