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NPR had a segment on the new Amnesty campaign to end violence against Native women. One of the shelters they featured, Pretty Bird Woman House, is holding a fundraising campaign. Click here to donate.
Caryl Rivers on how the news media scare women.
A man is arrested in the attempted Austin Women’s Health Center bombing.
A new bill would make sure EC is available to women on military bases, who currently have to drive off-base to get the pill.
The debate over Kabul Beauty School.
One of the men who used the services of the “D.C. Madam” is… one of Bush’s abstinence appointees. Yep, the guy that Bush hired to push abstinence-only programs abroad was, uh, engaging in extramarital sex here at home.
Who really benefits economically from marriage?
Shocking headline: “Condom Information in Abstinence Programs Called Inaccurate.”
Ellen Bravo talks to Maria Hinojosa on PBS’s Now.
How Russell Simmons missed the point.
Somebody needs to fill Pat Robertson in on what Women on Waves actually does…
Riverbend (of the Baghdad Burning blog) is leaving Iraq.
Remembering a vocally pro-choice woman who led the Republican party in the late ’70s. (Kind of like the anti-Schlafly?)
The New England Journal of Medicine says “both health care providers and patients should be alarmed” by the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion. And Cynthia Gorney explores what this will mean for doctors.
…and in the wake of the ruling, the Supreme Court returns a handful of related cases to the states.
A sports columnist announces his upcoming surgery to make his body match his brain, which he says is “wired female.”

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  • http://dakotawomen.blogspot.com/ KeepAskingWhy

    Although it really shouldn’t surprise me at this point, the amount of scandal and arrogance in the Bush Administration really does floor me. Guess he should have practiced what he preached.

  • annajcook

    LeAnna Benn, national director of Teen-Aid Inc., a nonprofit group in Spokane, Wash., which developed some of the abstinence materials, said 25 physicians had reviewed them for accuracy.
    . . . wonder if these “25 physicians” have any credibility with, you know, major medical or research organizations?

  • Mina

    Here’s another interesting article:

  • http://www.feministreview.org Feminist Review

    I’ve been reading Baghdad Burning since the first book was published. It’s going to be interesting to see where Riverbend takes her blog upon leaving… if she is allowed to leave, that is.

  • Andrea

    “Men and women are more likely to pair off on the basis of similar education, similar interests and similar tastes in consumption. In other words, modern marriage is more fun.”
    Hear, hear!

  • http://alternet.org/blogs/video/51099/ Lisa27

    “Just think of having rocking waves while you’re getting your insides plowed into by some doctor. THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE FUN TO ME…” (emphasis added)
    Okay, aside from missing the point of what WOW does and how and the particular language used to describe these errors, since WHEN is abortion “FUN”?! I can’t imagine any woman choosing to have one would use that adjective, nor that Women On Waves would promote their “ride” on a boat like a visit to Disney World.

  • Rhoswhen

    That last story about the sports writer was beautiful!

  • werechick

    And who says the 25 doctors approved? They just said they reviewed, there was nothing about their conclusions.