Saudi women fighting marital rape.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been filing for divorce because they have been raped and abused by their husbands. As sex is not talked about in the same way, women have a harder time coming out against violence they are facing in their marriages.

An Internet poll conducted by a local newspaper showed that 42 percent of married Saudi men say they do not have sexual problems. Meanwhile, 93 percent of married women surveyed said they were experiencing sexual problems.
“Saudi society admits the existence of partner rape. A comprehensive survey of Saudi society about the issue and how serious it is has not yet been conducted,� Dr. Madeha Al-Ajroosh, a woman activist and psychologist, told Arab News.
“It’s difficult to carry out any scientific survey, as few women are willing to open up and discuss their sexual lives,� she added.

Marital rape is not recognized by most countries in the world. The article says that UNICEF found in 1997 that only 17 countries actually recognized marital rape. This coupled with the plethora of reasons women are afraid to come out or leave abusive relationships, is only compounded with courts that will not grant permission to divorce.
via ArabNews.

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