Weekly Feminist Reader

South Carolina police bust a sex-slavery ring.
Mexico City holds hearings on legislation to decriminalize abortion.
California law prohibits HIV-positive men from donating sperm, even though the virus can be “washed out” of sperm.
Catholics for a Free Choice filed an IRS complaint against Priests for Life.
What’s life really like for women on active duty in the military?
Glamour explores the issue of opting-out.
In These Times reviews Jennifer Baumgardner’s Bisexual Politics. And our gal Courtney Martin discusses Baumgardner’s theory of “gay expectations.”
Major women’s clothing retailers in Spain have partnered with the government to standardize clothing sizes, and create garments that are a better reflection of real women’s bodies.
Clinical trials in the UK are testing a new brand of emergency contraception called Ella.
Complaints of pregnancy discrimination are on the rise.
Wanderlust with Rhonda is a cross-country bike ride to promote reproductive autonomy and increased access to health care, and to combat negative images of female sexuality.
A Massachusetts woman who self-induced abortion won’t be charged with homicide.
I wrote about the gathering momentum for comprehensive sex ed, at both the state and national level.
How cyberstalking disproportionately targets women.
…and how teen girls are bullied into stripping for webcams.
Shocking research: Women feel bad about themselves after looking at models’ bodies.
The Chicago Tribune reports on crisis-pregnancy centers.
The LA Times corrects its misinformation about Margaret Sanger’s views on race.

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