Feminist Blogs: Activism, Journalism, or Masochism

I’ve been looking forward to this panel all weekend, maybe because Samhita is on it, as well as Deanna and the lovely Jennifer Pozner, director of Women in Media and News (WIMN).
Jenn discusses the efficacy of blogging in breaking stories, Deanna makes sure to tell us that women need to start editing sites such as Wikipedia in order to create more of a presence on the web, and Samhita questions the stakes that feminist bloggers take when they begin their journey into the blogosphere.
They also discuss the “new boys’ club” that has seemed to have transferred from mainstream journalism to political blogs, the ways that power and inequality replicate themselves in this way, and how can we, as feminist bloggers, approach this problem. (One way — for women in tech, at least — is BRA Camp. Sweet.)
Also, what is a women’s blog as opposed to a feminist blog? What are the problems that feminist bloggers have as opposed to bloggers that are women, like the severity of sexist trolling for feminist blogs as opposed to blogs written by women, etc. At the same time, if you’re a woman blogging about a typically male field, like in Kathy Sierra’s recent case, shit often goes down just as badly, to the point where you’re life is actually threatened.
Intense stuff, but certainly a productive conversation. Intense weekend, but certainly a great one. Time for an excruciatingly long, hungover ride home.

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