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Women protest mosque demolition in Pakistan.

TweetA whole bunch of Islamic female students have been protesting the destruction of a series of illegally possessed mosques. Several hundred female students from an Islamic seminary in the center of Islamabad have been holed up for the last month inside a public library, in an unprecedented protest that poses a dilemma for President Pervez [...]
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Plan B-acklash

TweetThere’s apparently hell to pay when you point out that there’s no scientific or medical reason to deny women over-the-counter access to emergency contraception. Although the Bush administration and Congress requested and allocated a full $4 million in funding for the Office of Women’s Health, the FDA plans to withhold more than a quarter of [...]
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Send out good thoughts for Steve

TweetSteve Gilliard is having yet another round of open heart surgery. So send out those good vibes. Tweet
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46% of rural women in India don’t know about AIDS/HIV.

TweetAs health educators expand their focus in India, only 56% of all women know about HIV/AIDS in contrast to 80% of men. The Indian government has focused its HIV/AIDS prevention efforts on high-risk groups, such as commercial sex workers and injection drug users, rather than on the general population, according to Reuters. An unnamed government [...]
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Housewives, Pole Dancing and Empowerment?

Tweet Suburban housewives dancing on poles! Everybody panic! What has the world come too? Pole dancing, once exclusively the province of exotic dancers, has flared up as a much-hyped Hollywood exercise craze, and has seeped into the collective unconscious through shows like “The Sopranos� and “Desperate Housewives.� A variant called motorized pole dancing, which occurs [...]
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