Quick Hit: Drinking and Rape

Check out this amazing piece by The Lovely Jaclyn Friedman at Women’s eNews, “Drinking and Rape: Let’s Wise Up About It.”

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  • donna darko
  • http://feministing.com/archives/006609.html Lhasaluck

    The issue is not consent. The issue here has to do with men being unable to hear and comprehend the word NO. Especially when a woman says it.
    If women were allowed to be fully sexual beings, to enjoy sex, own our sexuality and our bodies, instead of continuing the culture of shame, If we learned how to really enjoy our bodies and each others, we might not have these problems.

  • Cate

    Wow, this thread really chugs along! I just wanted to add a little bit to the commodity vs. performance discussion. It’s been helpful to me when discussing the dynamics of consent with others to point out that you don’t “have sex TO to someone” else. You “have sex WITH them.” Otherwise, that’s not sex.

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