Winning isn’t everything.

While I posted on the victory of Malalai Joya gaining a seat in the Afghanistan parliament a while back, it seems that her plight to improve women’s rights within the country is being threatened, along with her life.
Ali from points out that Joya’s occupancy in parliament has resulted in constant death and rape threats, and is even forced to move homes on an almost daily basis in fear of her safety. But despite all this, she is still managing to do what she can to expose the reality of the conditions Afghanistan under the present occupancy of the Northern Alliance. Here’s a snippet of a kick-ass speech she recently gave:

Five years after the collapse of the misogynist and anti-democracy regime of the Taliban, and after almost five year of the US led attack on Afghanistan; you may like me to describe the achievements and positive outcomes in Afghanistan, but I’m sorry to tell you that Afghanistan is a land still burning in two-fold fire.
. . .I must tell you that unfortunately there has been NO fundamental change in the plight of Afghan people. When the entire nation is living under the shadow of gun and warlordism, how can its women enjoy very basic freedoms? Unlike the propaganda raised by certain Western media, Afghan women and man are not ‘liberated’ at all.

This site has been created in her support where you can donate to her cause. You can also send a letter to Afghan authorities urging for her protection.
Women like Joya are necessary for the change that’s so desperately needed in Afghanistan, particularly for the rights of its women. Let’s hope this will help her to get the security she needs to continue her struggle towards peace and equality.

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