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Lauren of Faux Real Tho (originally of Feministe) is getting hitched. Go say congrats!
Amanda has a wedding song suggestion. So do I. (Ignore the bad ending and tweed overload.)

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  • radfeminist46

    I’m sure this Lauren is a great person but I want to encourage everyone to be a bit more critical of marriage as an institution. Marriage can be thought of as a private club which excludes lesbian and gay couples. Choosing to get married is like joining a private club that excludes Black people, if one is White. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to resist marriage.

  • NBarnes

    It bears mentioning that Time After Time was written for Cindi Lauper by Prince, and as The World’s Biggest Prince Fan, Amanda is obligated to give way to your suggestion.

  • Martyfiveten

    No, he didn’t. Cyndi Lauper wrote it with Rob Hyman.