New poll on support for SD abortion ban

Despite all the false advertising and other dirty tactics, polling shows support for the South Dakota abortion ban is down 10 points headed into the last week before the election. Sweet! If (and it’s a big “if”) all those people actually turn out to vote, things are looking good.

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  • SDstuck

    If you know someone in South Dakota call them ask urge them to go vote on election day and vote No on 6.

  • Dan

    If Ref 6 fails to pass, I’m afraid it will only be a temporary victory. It appears that many of those new “no” votes are not from people who would like to see abortion remain legal, but rather from people who can’t stomach the rape/incest exceptions and are angling for a full ban.

  • jmcchesney

    Dan, I’m fairly sure the SD ban doesn’t contain a rape or incest exception, only a life of the mother exception.

  • Dan

    Oops, you’re absolutely right. I completely misread the article, didn’t I? Egads.