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Depression during pregnancy common.

TweetThis study found that some women do report symptoms of depression during their pregnancy. The survey found that three in five women were surprised by how emotional they felt while being pregnant. Two thirds felt even more exhausted than they expected and more than half needed more reassurance than they would have anticipated. Current estimates [...]
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In Chicago? Celebrate 10 years with Bitch!

Tweet Bitch magazine is celebrating 10 years of bitchin’ existence and the release of the anthology Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine tomorrow in Chicago. Here’s the info: Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia 9pm 10$ at the door Click here for directions. This event’s lineup and production come courtesy of [...]
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Orgasms are so overrated

TweetCheck out this headline from ABC News: Do Women Really Need to Orgasm? You know, cause we don’t really like The Sex anyway. That’s icky. The article even comes with a poll: Do Women Think Too Much to Enjoy Sex? Who knew that thinking could actually hinder your ability to get off? UPDATE: ABC just [...]
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Shit…I’m out of petals.

Tweet Just in case you forget what the abstinence folks really think about women. By the way, this picture has guaranteed me a nightmare tonight starring Leslie Unruh ripping off my “precious petals.” Tweet
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CampusProgress on Plan B access

TweetCheck out this piece from CampusProgress on Plan B access. (Full disclosure: I’m quoted in it.) Mourning After, by Wellesley’s Emily Amick, focuses specifically on access to EC for younger women. And how cool is this? Since the age restriction is only at the point of purchase, women under 18 will be able to have [...]
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