Women diet to size zero for TV show

That sounds fun. Ugh.

Britain’s Channel 4 will show “Super-Skinny Me: The Race to Size Zero” early next year, as a group of female journalists film their attempts to drop to a size 2, equivalent to a U.S. size 00.
“This documentary will highlight the dangers of aiming for a super-skinny look, and expose the serious health risks of extreme weight-loss methods, all of which are already in the public domain,” said a Channel 4 spokesman.
“At every stage of filming there will be continuous full medical support and expert guidance at hand.”
The channel said it hoped the findings would provoke the same type of debate as Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film “Super Size Me,” which showed the health effects of a month long binge on fast food.
…”The documentary will also look at how the super-skinny American fad is spreading to the U.K. and question whether it is spawning an extreme, collective eating disorder,” Channel 4 said in a statement.

OK, I’m all for highlighting dieting dangers–but do real women seriously have to do this to themselves in order to prove the point?
It seems even the experts think it’s a bad idea. Britain’s Eating Disorder Association says that “it could be very difficult to eat normally again after this experiment is over.” Um yeah…that tends to happen when you starve yourself. Jeez.

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