Women diet to size zero for TV show

That sounds fun. Ugh.

Britain’s Channel 4 will show “Super-Skinny Me: The Race to Size Zero” early next year, as a group of female journalists film their attempts to drop to a size 2, equivalent to a U.S. size 00.
“This documentary will highlight the dangers of aiming for a super-skinny look, and expose the serious health risks of extreme weight-loss methods, all of which are already in the public domain,” said a Channel 4 spokesman.
“At every stage of filming there will be continuous full medical support and expert guidance at hand.”
The channel said it hoped the findings would provoke the same type of debate as Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film “Super Size Me,” which showed the health effects of a month long binge on fast food.
…”The documentary will also look at how the super-skinny American fad is spreading to the U.K. and question whether it is spawning an extreme, collective eating disorder,” Channel 4 said in a statement.

OK, I’m all for highlighting dieting dangers–but do real women seriously have to do this to themselves in order to prove the point?
It seems even the experts think it’s a bad idea. Britain’s Eating Disorder Association says that “it could be very difficult to eat normally again after this experiment is over.” Um yeah…that tends to happen when you starve yourself. Jeez.

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  • Messy Jessi

    Well, of course, all the experts thought that Morgan Spurlock’s plan waas a terrible idea. Did he have to binge out on fast food for 30 days to prove his point? I think we got it about half way through that he was killing himself and that he was addicted to the diet. So I don’t think it’s so different; it’s still horrible and disturbing.

  • lydia

    Size TWO? I didn’t know that even existed. Wow. Pretty messed up idea for a show. But then Channel 4 did bring us Big Brother so I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • lily cain

    this is scary shit, because starvation can actually create anorexia-like symptoms, so these women may indeed develop a bona fide eating disorder.

  • molly

    The endorphin rush caused by starvation *the same one that is the cause of all the religious rituals involving ritual fasting) is HIGHLY addictive.
    This is as irresponsible as giving a bunch of women methamphetamines for a month and chronicling their descent into addiction.

  • molly

    It’s also worth noting that most of the victims of anorexia I’ve interviewed in the last year say that they have, as anorexics, read literature about anorexia or watched “movies of the week” about it…not as a cautionary tale to get well, but for more tips on how to hide it from the people who love them, or more dieting advice, or even as sort of anorexia porn so they don’t feel so alone in their disorder. Shows like this will not STOP girls from becoming anorexic, no matter how drastic the health risks. They will in fact trigger girls, and whatever diet methods they use (the current one in vogue with the ana crowd is called 2-4-6-8) will be copied by thousands of girls who don’t care about the long-term risk, only about looking “hot.”

  • http://kathymccarty.info kmtberry

    You get an ENDORPHIN RUSH from FASTING?!?! That has NEVER happened to me…..I just get weak and stupid, then smelly.

  • http://abstractnonsense.wordpress.com/ Alon Levy

    Molly, this show doesn’t have to appeal to anorexics to show them the health risks inherent in anorexia; it will be a success if it discourages women at risk from starving themselves.

  • elektrodot

    “but do real women seriously have to do this to themselves in order to prove the point?”
    yes! do you really think just talking about it (like whats usually done) is really going to get it across peoples heads that anorexia and unhealthy eating is fucked up? i really do compare it to the guy that did supersize me…he hurt himself to prove a point and people got the message. why cant women do the same thing? when i think of these women who are going to do this i dont think of them as airheads that just want to be skinny. they must know what the show is about and what they are doing.

  • Emma_91

    Hi just wanted to correct you in that a US size 0 is a UK size 4. We already have Victoria Beckham to count as our size 0.
    And even though we’re almost right behind America, it’s in all the magazines anyway. Kids are going to learn about weight and issues anyway.
    I mean I told a friend I’d put on 6lbs last night and I switched on the TV and there was this depressing slimfast ad!

  • BryanT

    Thanks a lot for the interesting post. Well my wife is burning calories not because she want to be like a girl from TV show, but she has to do it because of her health. I think that weight loss requires many efforts so not all women can do it.