Apparently the translated ad reads, Flirt: Keep the memories. Um, thanks anyway.
Via Ads of the World.

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  • Lya Kahlo

    Oh good. More “injuries-to-women-are-sexy” advertizing.
    There’s been a lot of that on blogs today: http://punkassblog.com/2006/09/28/rape-spam-leads-to-secret-patriarchy-handbook/

  • http://moderatelyinsane.blogspot.com/ Sailorman

    Looks like a bad day learning to rollerblade.

  • Jessica

    yeah it does, but somehow i don’t think rollerblading was what they had in mind.

  • http://www.bradrichert.com Brad Richert

    why don’t they just add in the bruises on the cheeks and the guy in the background wearing a wife-beater?

  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    I think they should show what happened to my leg a couple years ago when I tripped and fell down some steep stairs at a club after a night of drinking.
    It was scraped and skinned all along the shin. And there was a HORRIBLE big fat bump/bruise in the middle of my shin which still, nearly two years later, has not completely gone away.
    Hehe, how’s them for memories??

  • cherie

    So is this ad supposed to say, “I got totally trashed and then I don’t remember what happened but my man says I had a lot of fun on my knees”? I think this is really offensive. Sure, she could have tripped, but I’m guessing their insinuating carpet burn…which I guess she needed the vodka to make her do it.

  • Robyn Banks

    I think that what they’re referring to is carpet rash–like you recklessly went at it on the living room floor and now you’ve got rashes on both your knees. The part that I don’t get is how the vodka is supposed to *help* you “keep the memories.” I mean, the point, I guess, is that the vodka will turn you into such a wanton sex freak that you’ll have to piece together the story of last night by assessing the damage to your knees, lower lip, neck, and chin and if you look and feel like you were dragged behind a truck for a couple of hours, it was a good night. Or something.

  • http://liberal-debutante.typepad.com Katie Kish

    I had just read that punk ass blog post before coming here – its just flat out scary. and very disgusting, just as this ad.
    Looks like a bad day learning to rollerblade.
    have you ever gone rollerblading drunk? Its bad news.

  • http://fetchmemyaxe.blogspot.com belledame222

    the fuck?
    yeah, whatever they were trying to convey, “fell down rollerblading” or suchlike is my first association with banged-up knees as well.
    and is it just me, or is there something really disturbing about the proportions, or something, of that photo? is it just a fish-eye lens? it looks really distorted to me. like the part of her that’s in the chair is actually in another room entirely; the legs are just in another plane altogether.

  • http://liberal-debutante.typepad.com Katie Kish

    I just thought I’d share this with you all, it was a comment that I got at my blog from someone regarding the ad…
    The translation is “Flirt: Keep the memories”
    “Flirt: Make your girl friend drink this and she’ll be on her knees all night! woo!”
    “Flirt: Abuse to women is funny!”
    or even
    “Flirt: Never do intensive gardening without kneepads”
    Like most ads, they’re open to interpretation – this one employs a quite common, known-to-work-well inuendo: sex. I think you’re taking this “this incredibly sexist ad” far too seriously. I honestly don’t see what’s sexist about it at all… perhaps you think I’m ignorant because of that. No one forced this girl to do *anything*, it’s not implied in the ad, nor was she forced at gun point to make the ad, and from my (admittedly very limited) understanding of feminism, isn’t that what’s important? That she chose to bruise her knees somehow… the means of how she did don’t matter (sexually implied or otherwise!).
    The problem is that pop culture will assume she was sucking dicks all night – I assume that’s what you find offensive. Not the ad itself, but what people will automatically assume. Don’t shoot the messenger.
    Ads are works of art, not in a picasso sense – in a sense all on their own.

  • http://www.resonant.org/ Zed


    The problem is that pop culture will assume she was sucking dicks all night

    People get carpet burn from that? I do in fact have fond memories of the events leading up to knee carpetburn that both I and a lover ended up with (along with general soreness in other places as well), but oral sex didn’t figure into the knee damage.
    To me, the annoying part is the jump from alcohol to sex in general. I don’t find it a good social thing to endorse getting drunk before having sex, much less having sex as a result of getting drunk.

  • Kate

    Drunk sex can be fun.
    I’ve enjoyed sex which produced carpet burns, although I wasn’t drunk at the time.
    I don’t think carpet burns suggest a blowjob at all, unless maybe I’m just doing something wrong.
    It’s still a silly ad. Women don’t need to be put in a position of pain to have a good time and maybe her partner wasn’t very courtious to her wellbeing during the act?
    I don’t know, it doesn’t make me want vodka, but I’m not too impassioned about it either way.

  • EG

    If I may put on my pedant hat for a moment:
    Whether or not it’s sexist, the ad is very stupid. The marks on her knees look like carpet burn to me, and one does not get that from flirting. So the vodka should really be called “Screwing on the floor with the woman on top” for this ad to make any sense.
    And what is that spiral-bound notebook she’s reading?

  • http://liberal-debutante.typepad.com Katie Kish

    zed, that comment wasn’t by me, it was by a commentor (aka my brother) on my blog. I just thought it was uber ridic so i decided to share.

  • Dave

    The lady in this ad is quite obviously smiling. In the grande scheme of life, making yourself happy is what creates good memories.

  • hendmik

    Statistically speaking, it’s most likely the men that created this ad think “clitoris” is one of the constellations.
    She’s smiling because she faked it and he believed her.
    Again, just statistically speaking.

  • sojourner

    “The lady in this ad is quite obviously smiling. In the grande scheme of life, making yourself happy is what creates good memories.� Yeah, well, you know, we always smile for the camera after 5 men come all over our faces, etc. It just makes us happy to be of service.

  • http://librarytavern.blogspot.com/ Liz

    That ad is at the least, stupid, and at most, an invitation for violence against women. I find it offensive. I think that one can have fun participating in an act that causes carpet burn, but not as severe as in that picture. The message seems to be that injuries to women are sexy and fun.

  • labyrus

    Kian-> Remember, this is an ad for alcohol. The implication, I think, is that alcohol makes women more likely to have sex (that injures them, no less). An ad with a woman’s legs in the foreground is pretty much definitely intended to be targeted at men, not women. I think there’s a pretty creepy date rape connotation.

  • Dave

    “… smile for the camera after 5 men come all over our faces …”
    “… creepy date rape connotation.”
    I understand that we all see different things when we look at the same object. However, when I saw this advertisement I was reminded how some women on the show “Mad About You” complained about knee burn when enjoying the woman on top position.
    Perhaps she is smiling because she enjoyed the woman on top position so much. Pain be damned.

  • Jessica

    I don’t know Dave, I’ve never sustained massive knee injuries from being on top…

  • Dave

    Ever tried it on shag carpeting?