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CDC committee recommends HPV vaccine for girls age 11-12… but the battle’s not over

TweetContributed by Madeline Halperin-Robinson This afternoon the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimously voted to recommend routine vaccination against HPV for girls age 11-12. The committee’s recommendations are non-binding – it is now up to each state to decide whether or not to put these recommendations into practice and make the vaccine mandatory [...]
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Kuwaiti election includes women.

TweetAfter gaining the right to vote and run in parlimentary elections back in May 2005, women will be participating in the Kuwaiti elections this Thursday for the first time. How exciting! Kuwait holds parliamentary elections on Thursday in which women can run for office and cast votes for the first time in a national poll [...]
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CDC panel votes on HPV vaccine today

TweetThe national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is set to vote today on whether a promising cervical cancer vaccine should be part of the standard shots that adolescent girls receive. As you already know, conservative groups have been less than enthusiastic about the vaccine, claiming that it could make girls promiscuous (I know). Let’s hope [...]
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No Net Neutrality

TweetStill amazed and saddened by how little media coverage this, you-would-think, very important topic has gotten by mainstream media. OH, wait, who owns mainstream media? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Check this out: The Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday rejected a network-neutrality amendment, handing cable and phone broadband-access providers yet another victory over a coalition that has [...]
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“Peacebuilding cannot be successful if half the population is excluded…”

TweetBeyond Victimhood: Women’s Peacebuilding in Sudan, Congo and Uganda, a new report out on the remarkable peace building work that women are doing, discusses how women are being left out of the peace-building process and what needs to be done to incorporate more of the work and resistances of these women. In all three [countries], [...]
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