“Organic sex” my ass

A new website denouncing contraception has cropped up, touting itself as part of the Contra-Contraception Movement. But unlike the wacky folks that are “mischaracterized� in a recent NY Times mag piece, Contra-Contraception.com claims that they are a secular group simply pushing the benefits of “organic sex.�

Many women, in an effort to live healthily, who have turned to organic and unprocessed foods. They have come to also realized that artificial contraception isn’t very healthy either, and that its numerous side effects should be avoided. They believe that thee [sic] negative effects of artificial contraceptives should not be minimized for sake of convenience, and the truth should not be distorted for the sake of political ideology.
Organic foods have come of age, so isn’t it time that “organic sex” comes of age also? More and more couples believe so.
But what exactly is organic sex? Its sex without contraception — natural sex of course! Pregnancy can be avoided or achieved through the use of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

It’s the Age of Aquarius, didn’t ya know? Advocating natural family planning on this site wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t completely disingenuous. Contra-Contraception isn’t some site run by organic-sex loving folks who are worried about the health implications of hormonal birth control–it’s actually a (very) thinly-veiled anti-choice site run by the same people who created No Room for Contraception. The language on Contra-Contraception is almost identical to that of No Room for Contraception, and all the “newsâ€? links lead there. Real slick.
If you don’t remember the No Room for Contraception campaign, it’s run by the extremely non-secular Mary Worthington who compared emergency contraception to assisted suicide and wrote an article, Did contraception lead to homosexuality? So yeah, no free love hippies there.
It never ceases to amaze me how easily anti-choicers–who claim to be in the moral right–will resort to lying and misrepresentation to push their agenda.

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