Women abused by cops during riots in San Salvador Atenco

Last Thursday’s Zapatista related riots have shown to be a disgusting show of abuse by police in a town outside of Mexico City, especially for women.
via ReutersUK.

The National Human Rights Committee, a government agency, said police raped seven and sexually abused 16. The assaults are said to have occurred when the women and many others were held during the unrest, sparked by a round-up of unlicensed street vendors.
Three of the women who were allegedly assaulted include three foreigners.
One of them, Valentina Palma, a Chilean studying cinematography in Mexico, told La Jornada newspaper that she was robbed and beaten by officers.
“They insulted me, groped me, anything they wanted,” she was quoted as saying. “When they jailed me that was when I saw the girls with their pants and underwear torn, sobbing.”

This is disgusting. The fallout of this should be interesting. The Zapatistas haven’t been in the news for a while, but they have no doubt been doing their work. Furthermore, women are integral to the Zapatista movement, so it will be interesting to see their response.

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