“Bra chain� record raises breast cancer awareness

Women on Cyprus recently broke a world record when they linked together almost 115,000 bras (covering about 70 miles of the island) in an attempt to raise breast cancer awareness.

The group of Dutch, British and Cypriot organisers took nearly nine hours to create the chain at the harbour in the resort of Paphos, following a year of painstaking planning.
Their success will shove Singapore, which had held the record since 2003 with 79,000 bras, off the top spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.
…Even the British solders based in Cyprus took part helping organisers move the bags of bras and lay the chain.

Organizers of the bra chain are also building a database that will send out text messages to women providing information and reminding them of screenings.

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  • nottrue

    If we really wanted to do something about breast cancer, we’d push for an end to the medical mafia’s stats which determine that 5 years equals cure/survival, which in turn deludes us into thinking we are in fact, any better-off than before. We are not.
    Whilst pharmaceutical companies continue “pissing in the pockets” of the medical profession we’ll never have a cure. Fundraising is big business!
    Meanwhile pesticide companies happily lurk in the shadows.