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Intersectionality and the politics of white feminism.

TweetBlac(k)ademic has a very articulate post up about a comment that she received when guest-blogging at Alas, A Blog and in my eyes really brings out how mainstream feminism is in fact still dominated by whiteness, despite so much work done by feminists of color, third world/black feminists and anti-racist white feminists. Mainstream understandings of [...]
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Republican Gov. nominates four women to be judges.

TweetA little last minute gender parity. Last year, the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts blasted the Republican governor for what it described as a dismal record of boosting the number of women and minorities on the bench. In response Romney has nominated four women to be judges with the hope that this will increase the [...]
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Time to pack it in gals, feminism is dead. Again.

TweetIf feminism is dead, why do they have to keep trying to kill it? Nathan Tabor at Renew America comforts other scared-of-girls conservatives with the promise that The feminist furor has finally passed. Whew. Finally. In cities across the U.S., women are chucking the corporate world and embracing Barney’s world instead. They have found fulfillment [...]
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Presented without comment

Tweet This the first video that comes up when you do a search for “women” on YouTube. Just saying. Tweet
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Keep your hands off my sex toys

Tweet The Drinking Liberally Memphis chapter held a Keep Your Hands Off My Dildo party this past weekend in response to legislation proposed in Tennessee that would ban sex toys. The legislation, which is almost identical to bans in other states, would have made it a criminal act to “knowingly sell, advertise, publish, or exhibit [...]
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