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TweetABC News fuels the “Mommy Wars.” Meanwhile, more firms are staying in touch with prized workers who took maternity leave. Some Bach works may actually have been written by his second wife. Women cleaners are suing the NY Stock Exchange for sexual harassment. The $51-million lawsuit alleges one woman was told, “Baby, you need some [...]
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And it begins.

TweetHeadlines read: “Duke Lacrosse Stripper Cried Rape Before!â€? and “Duke Lacrosse Gang Rape Accuser Made Similar Claim in ‘96.â€? Shocker. News has come out that the woman who alleges that three Duke students raped her filed a report ten years ago that she was raped by three men. Which clearly means she’s lying. You know, [...]
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Men on contraception.

TweetWhile we’re some years away from actually have male contraception on the market, it’s exciting to see some coming to reassuring conclusions concerning its testing. Over 1,500 men have taken part in tests for male hormonal contraception, and on average, it took only about 3-4 months for men to gain their fertility back. Dr. Peter [...]
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Damn spam.

TweetW’ere having some spam problems, so your comments may take some time to come up until we resolve the issue. Thanks! Tweet
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The new Howard Stern. With tits.

Tweet I happened to see a billboard a few blocks away from house the other day and almost barfed. While I’ve listened to New York’s 92.3 KROCK’s music here and there, I was a bit shocked to see a huge picture of the woman above, The RadioChick, and the two sentences that threw me for [...]
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