Update: CNN decides to blame pornographers, not women

What you’re about to read may shock you: The CNN segment Jess wrote about yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Here’s the transcript from the show, which was about porn websites that coerce young women into stripping and doing various other things for the camera.

CHERNOFF [reporter]: Jill says she was drunk and that pressure from the crowd and the cameraman pushed her to do things she normally would never have done.
JILL: I couldn’t stand up for myself and say, you know what, no, I’m not going to do this. There is no way that I could stop because I was so scared of what they would do if I stopped.

Sounds pretty slutty to me!

[Internet "photographer" Micah] COY: No one is forcing anyone in any situations. It is entirely up to the person — at their discretion.
CHERNOFF: And, Coy argues, there is no undue pressure from men at the parties.
COY: Serious problems arise when you have two people naked and a bunch of people drunk around them and you have everyone’s emotions are going, you have a lot of hormones flying around. It can easily turn into a mob mentality and that was something I never wanted to have happen.

Coy doesn’t mention that it’s two women who are naked, surrounded by drunk men. I’d say that changes the dynamic somewhat.

CHERNOFF: But your site is full of that. It is full of people egging them on. All of that.
COY: There is a finesse about it, I guess.

I’ll say. But CNN isn’t really one to talk about “finessing” a story… seeing as how they chose to market their segment girls-gone-wild style, rather than as a warning about an increasingly common type of sexual predation. Even though the actual show wasn’t nearly as offensive as the promos, it’s still not excusable.

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