Mississippi: Vibrators outlawed, guns a-okay

In Mississippi you can buy a a gun with no background check, but vibrators are outlawed. Genius.
Reporting that a Mississippi court upheld a law banning the sale of sex toys this week, Dan Abrams at MSNBC ponders over the state’s priorities:

Well, I am glad to see that the local legislators are focusing on the most pressing issues of the day. I’ve long believed that a three-dimensional, possibly battery-operated device is far more menacing than a handgun. In Mississippi, people can buy guns at a gun show with no background check and certain weapons can be carried almost anywhere. Sure, guns and toys can bring joy and a sense of comfort to the user, but apparently the legislators concluded that a genital replica is a far greater threat to society.

I wonder if legislators would be ok with the Gunslinger vibrator. (Perhaps the scariest thing I have ever seen.)

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