Mississippi: Vibrators outlawed, guns a-okay

In Mississippi you can buy a a gun with no background check, but vibrators are outlawed. Genius.
Reporting that a Mississippi court upheld a law banning the sale of sex toys this week, Dan Abrams at MSNBC ponders over the state’s priorities:

Well, I am glad to see that the local legislators are focusing on the most pressing issues of the day. I’ve long believed that a three-dimensional, possibly battery-operated device is far more menacing than a handgun. In Mississippi, people can buy guns at a gun show with no background check and certain weapons can be carried almost anywhere. Sure, guns and toys can bring joy and a sense of comfort to the user, but apparently the legislators concluded that a genital replica is a far greater threat to society.

I wonder if legislators would be ok with the Gunslinger vibrator. (Perhaps the scariest thing I have ever seen.)

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  • stu

    They’re also banned in Alabama. Recently, the Supreme Court refused to hear a constitutional challenge to the ban. Here’s a link with the AP story http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/278-02222005-453867.html

  • http://hypersphere01.blogspot.com Hype

    i have never understood why people (Christians) don’t like vibrators? what is the deal? my girlfriend has to have one. it literally takes me hours to do the same job.

  • C

    What is wrong with people? Seriously, when is the silent majority of the country (those people who are not insane which clearly does not include, as evident by recent news, members of the Mississippi, Alabama, South Dakota, and Missouri legislatures) going to realize that there is a real movement afoot to make women second-class citizens again? Punishing women for sex, for experiencing pleasure, for their biological abilities is arbitrary and appears to be rooted in both fear and disgust.
    As a young woman who fondly remembers the days when NARAL aired thoughtful TV ads promoting choice which were not groundbreaking and yet said a lot without saying very much at all, I am worried that maybe these days we feminists are spending too much time putting out the smaller fires of SD’s abortion ban, MO’s contraceptive legislation, et al. It’s hard not to when there is so much insanity around us. However, maybe we just need to all start saying, enough. Enough with legislating our bodies and choices. Maybe we need to start rousing folks all across America that we, as a country and as states, need to start treating women with the respect–and privacy–that all human beings deserve. But I don’t even know how we get such a dialogue going.
    I mean, really. How did this country get so backwards so quickly?

  • http://www.pandagon.net Amanda Marcotte

    I’ve seen a fetus-shaped dildo. Much, much scarier.

  • Jessica

    you lie. for the love of god, tell me you lie!

  • http://buggydoo.blogspot.com flea

    You’re not talking about the Baby Jesus butt plug, are you, Amanda?
    And I *hate* that gunslinger vibrator. I used to work at Lover’s Lane in the Chicago suburbs, and they carried it. Everyone hated it, all the employees and many female customers. The only person that ever expressed an interest in it was a stripper whose routine involved her dressing as a cowgirl, and she thought it would be funny to put a gunslinger vibe in each holster. When she found out we were selling them for $40 apiece, she decided it wasn’t that funny of a gimmick after all.

  • http://pink-ribbon.org pinkribbonorg

    Just goes to show us the mentality of our politicians!!
    Whether you like or dislike the object is inmaterial… it comes down to making more laws taking womens’ rights further and further back -and the bad thing is …. they get paid big bucks (our $$$) for their ‘decision making’…. go figure .. What we Really need are some more females in politics = less war-like atmosphere!
    have a wonderful weekend, anyway

  • http://pink-ribbon.org pinkribbonorg

    I am collecting as many signatures as possible to make an impact with our Government to issue free cellphones and cellphone cards to all our brave soldiers fighting for Our Freedom worldwide. Please take a moment and click on the link below –
    Once you’ve done this, would you be so kind and forward it to your friends and e-mal buddies. I’ve already received a letter from VP Cheney that he will forward my request to the Department of Defense, so – the more = the merrier.
    Thanks so much for your help and cooperation,
    hugs, love & peace,

  • http://www.pandagon.net Amanda Marcotte

    Nope, swear to god. It was a curled up fetus, looked exactly like a 9 month fetus in the womb. And a dildo. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I was traumatized.

  • http://www.mentalsolstice.com mentalsolstice

    I live in AL, and I’ve been a f*cking bitch since they took away my right to…

  • http://civilliberty.about.com Tom Head

    I live in Mississippi. Y’all know you can order this stuff off Amazon and other online vendors, right? Lots of women down here do that.
    Not that this makes the repressive laws okay. Not by any stretch. But it just goes to show how, uh, impotent they are.

  • Kaye

    I agree with C. There is a movement in this country that is rapidly taking women backward in time.
    I’m a Christian AND a feminist. The fundementalist groups have taken over and our country is headed for diseaster. They want women “back in their place”, exclusively in the home, under their husband’s thumb, having ten children, wearing head coverings and dressing “like women again”, and staying out of “men’s business”.
    Where are the masses of women who burned their bras? Are we that out numbered by the oppressive sect now? If we don’t gather all our forces in one place and organize again, we’re in big trouble.
    These people are gaining so much power and moving so fast it is frightening.
    This has to be the dumbest legislation I’ve ever heard of. What business is it to these people what women are doing in their bedrooms? They have assumed the role of God, judging everyone and speaking for Him.
    And it’s not just the fundementalist men who are taking women backward, it’s the also the women. Have you ever noticed how many blogs are out there written by these women?
    And you can’t google for “homemaking” and get a site that stays on that topic, they are cramming their religious views down your throat. I have my own, I don’t need advice in that area, I simply wanted to read tips on homemaking.
    Lord save us from the fundementalists!

  • dd

    I agree with C, where are the pro choice ads? And a ban on sex toys? What,are they then going to do, up the cost of produce & massaging shower heads(ha).I live in Mo.& don’t know a soul that is pro life, anti gay,or against any woman’s pleasure.Who are these people that do?