Women pack gats.

Just what we need, more white people with guns. According to the beloved NRA (barf) the use of firearms by women has gone up significantly.

The gun industry is catering to women with everything from more girly guns and apparel to all-female hunting trips and free ladies nights at the range. It’s clear the feminine touch is adding up to big business.
“A quarter to a third of all our customers here are women shooters,” said Keith Weaver, who works at the Blue Ridge Arsenal.
Five years ago, the National Rifle Association offered just 13 firearms training classes for women. Today, there are more than 200 nationwide.
“If you look at statistics, there are more crimes of passion committed by men than there are women,” said Sandra Froman, president of National Rifle Association. “But I say that everyone has their emotions, and one of the things you learn when you take firearms classes is you learn to control your emotions.”

Yes ladies, why deal with your feelings (and I will ignore the sexist assumption that women are more *sensitive* then men) when you can shoot shit?
Complicated issues, yes. I for one sometimes do want a gun when I am walking in the streets at night and I feel unsafe. I won’t lie, but then I have to remind myself how much of what I feel of fear is real and how much is perceived or based on the media painting images of crime and what it looks like.
But I don’t want a gun, I hate them and I think they are awful (beyond the fact that half the kids in my classroom have seen someone get shot and I see the effect of such trauma). I am going to guess that these women are buying guns to keep in their house (in the suburbs oooohhhh) for self-defense. But as the NRA reports many of these women have gotten into sporting/hunting. So yeah my vegan ass is not feeling for their need for guns.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, it’s at least 20 times more likely that you’ll use your weapon to shoot someone in your home rather than using it to protect yourself from an intruder.
“If you bring a gun into the home, it increases the risk of homicide by three,” said Becca Knox of the Brady Campaign.

They should be careful not to shoot their partners Cheney style.

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