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Get your Red Burka t-shirt today!

Tweet Thanks, Tennessee Guerrilla Women! Tweet
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Woman of the Week

TweetAnd she’s a New Yorker. I’m in love! New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney has introduced legislation that would regulate the advertisement of “crisis pregnancy centers” that aim to convince pregnant women against having abortions. The centers are all owned by anti-choicers, and use names and signs intended to look like Planned Parenthood and other abortion [...]
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A fitting end to Drunk Sluts Week…

TweetBroadsheet links to this article by ex-Wonkette Ana Marie Cox, who takes on the recent warnings against girls going wild. She mentions James Garbarino’s new book, See Jane Hit, which examines “the less savory outcome of freeing girls to excel beyond gender stereotypes.” (Garbarino must have thought Mean Girls was poignent social commentary.) Cox takes [...]
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Young feminists mobilizing.

TweetMake sure to check out the info for the NOW National Conference and Young Feminist Summit to be held in Albany, NY this July. Side note: I love the fact that “Young Feminist Summit” has been written in graffiti as well as taken out the “g” in every verb. ‘Cause us young’uns are down with [...]
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Casual sex is for the lost and drunk.

TweetA recent study has shown that 9 out of 10 women say that they believe one-night stands are immoral. While they didn’t condemn the sluts, er, I mean women who decide to engage in casual sex, they felt that they do so due to “something lacking in their lives” or because “they had got drunk [...]
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