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Thanks a lot, FDA!

TweetFrom The Washington Post: More than 60 bills concerning EC have already been filed in state legislature this year, some seeking to increase access and some seeking to limit it. …”The FDA made this a major issue for state legislatures,” said Sharon Camp, president of the Guttmacher Institute, a women’s health research organization. “For the [...]
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Abercrombie steps it up

Tweet After an extremely successful (and well publicized) girlcott of Abercrombie & Fitch, the clothing company has come out with some new and improved shirts. “Brunettes have brains” and “Blonde with a brain” aren’t exactly super-inspiring slogans, but they sure beat “Who needs brains when you have these.” Via Broadsheet. Tweet
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Blog against sexism

Tweet VeganKid is spreading the word on Blog Against Sexism Day set to take place on March 8, 2006–which is also International Women’s Day. So go sign up and spread the word. Tweet
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Weekly Feminist Reader

TweetIt was quite a dreary week for abortion rights, with South Dakota passing a flat-out ban and the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the “partial-birth” abortion case. On that note: Deanna Zandt at AlterNet offers some tips on how to discuss the issue. Will Saletan weighs in on the subject. Also, everyone interested in understanding [...]
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Plan B advocates look for state by state support.

TweetAfter the FDA’s continual neglect of reviewing emergency contraception, advocates are looking to state governments to make EC available to women in (as of right now) about 12 different states. Under the proposed Maryland law, pharmacists who volunteer to receive special training may dispense the pills. The law does not require all pharmacists to furnish [...]
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