Check out this article from USA Today about women’s rivalry in the workplace: Are we conditioned to be catty or just as competitive as the next Joe? Here’s a snippet:

The feminist movement that took root in the 1960s embraced the concept of women as standing shoulder-to-shoulder in their effort to open new doors in male-dominated businesses.
But today, with the number of women in the labor force at record numbers, another question is being raised: In the workplace, are women sometimes their own worst enemies?
It’s the topic of a book, “I Can’t Believe She Did That! Why Women Betray Other Women at Work”, which was released in October and has attracted articles in international publications. The book by journalist Nan Mooney, based on interviews with more than 100 women, concludes that women often shy away from direct conflict and instead engage in unhealthy competition — talking behind one another’s backs, sabotaging success, feeling threatened by other women — that can be detrimental to all women in the workforce.

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