Because I never go skating without my push-up bra.

The new A&E show Rollergirls is airing on Monday, and I’ll admit I’m very curious find out what the show will actually be about.
On one hand, the huge billboard ad I saw in the middle of Manhattan was pretty ridiculous; all of the rollergirls were lined up, looking like Miss “Punky Bruiser” above in their schoolgirl skirts and busty boobies. Just check out the website. On the other hand, these ladies look like some kick-ass bitches who I would normally be a number one fan of.
The thing is, can we really expect much from a show that comes from the same producers as Laguna Beach?
Side note: Make sure to check out the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, New York’s only all-female roller derby league. It’s interesting to see the pics on their site and the difference between what’s real and what’s marketed.

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  • B.D.

    Plugging Seattle’s Roller Derby league – the Rat City Roller Girls:

  • Justin K.

    I don’t have cable, so I’m probably not going to see much of the show, and the Laguna Beach business doesn’t make the whole thing look all that promising. Still, speaking as a Derby Fan, any show that could capture the white-hot grease fire of pure entertainment that is real roller derby would be a huge hit.
    Oh, and I thought I’d mention that my hometown team, the Madison, WI, Mad Rollin’ Dolls (, trounced the Gotham Girls in their match in the Bronx last August. Just Sayin’.
    Anyone else out there got a favorite local derby team?

  • cuddlefish

    Being a fan of Miss Conduct from the BGGW 2002 season I’ll definitley be watching this. From what little I’ve seen the first episode seems to focus on Venus Envy of the Putas del Fuegos. In true rollergirl fashion, drinking is a large part of the show.
    My favorite team is the Hell Marys from the flat track Texas Rollergirls.
    Looking forward to meeting more Rat City Rollergirls and Mad Rollin’ Dolls at the Dust Devil Invitational in February.
    Hell Marys. Hell Yeah!

  • Mitchell

    Roller derby was invented in Chicago, and indeed Chicago has its own roller derby league — the Windy City Rollers:
    I think that roller derby is popular for two reasons:
    (1) The same reason that auto racing is popular — People go nuts when things and people crash.
    (2) The whole “schoolgirl skirts and busty boobies” look. Yup. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

  • idgie

    i think that we always make those compromises with the media though — as minorities, whether its letting rollergirls be airbrushed and oversexualized, letting lesbians be airbrushed and oversexualized, or letting all black families be upper middle class. it’s part of the deal with representation — where they let the minority be part of the game if the minority promises to be “normal” enough to attract a mainstream audience.
    of course, it is also one of the major problems with representation. and one of the reasons as a queer woman i don’t watch the L word, and probably won’t watch this either. but it is the fairly standard give and take that has been set up for us to play with the dominant media.

  • Amanda Marcotte

    The resurgence in roller derby started here in Austin and does indeed kick ass. I was at the first bout the Texas Rollergirls threw, and it was crazy. They definitely up the sex appeal, but it’s more about kicking ass and taking names. I knew some folks working on a documentary about it, so I guess this is where they decided to take it. But watch it; you’ll love it. I know a bunch of rollergirls and they do indeed do it for the sport of it.

  • Amanda Marcotte

    Plus, local punk bands play the halftime. You’ll hear great Austin music.

  • Crys

    Speaking as a Sin City Roller Derby fan, I love the sport. the performativity. the possibilities for queering gender & sexuality stereotypes. but i don’t think that the A&E show will help that goal, they’ll just replicate the same old reality show shtick. sigh.

  • Midwesterntransport

    I saw the first episode last night and it wasn’t at all like most reality shows. More like a documentary, and although the women look all lacquered on the website, they look pretty regular in the show.
    I thought it ruled. It’s my fave new show.
    And for the record, I don’t see that the photos of rollergirls on the NY website are so vastly different in intent from the photos on the show website. The women on the show website just have more make-up and more expensive-looking clothing.