Because I never go skating without my push-up bra.

The new A&E show Rollergirls is airing on Monday, and I’ll admit I’m very curious find out what the show will actually be about.
On one hand, the huge billboard ad I saw in the middle of Manhattan was pretty ridiculous; all of the rollergirls were lined up, looking like Miss “Punky Bruiser” above in their schoolgirl skirts and busty boobies. Just check out the website. On the other hand, these ladies look like some kick-ass bitches who I would normally be a number one fan of.
The thing is, can we really expect much from a show that comes from the same producers as Laguna Beach?
Side note: Make sure to check out the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, New York’s only all-female roller derby league. It’s interesting to see the pics on their site and the difference between what’s real and what’s marketed.

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