Hostile marriages are breaking women’s hearts. Literally.

No one likes a bad marriage (I hope), but it’s women who bearing the physical brunt of relationships gone wrong.

Researchers say that say long-term anger and hostility between partners is much more dangerous for women than men and can impair our immune system and put us at risk for depression, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

Ouch. The good news? Women in happy marriages are healthier.

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  • drumgurl

    The article makes women sound so emotional and fragile. Why would anyone let her own well-being be dependent on what someone else thinks? If that’s the way life is for most other women, I’m glad to be different!

  • Maebee

    These women do not necessarily let her well-being be dependent on another, so much as emotions are a prominant feature in the attributes of many, not all women. There health may be affected by their willingness to put their own health issues aside while trying to deal with their marriage, children, work, etc. Just like some of the reasons poor black women are less likely to get pap smears. They place their family members and the emotions that surround it before their own. Perhaps we should spend more time helping other women juggle the many obstacles of family, work, and partners rather than simply label them as dependent.