Memo reveals Alito’s anti-choice strategy

It just gets worse and worse with this guy!

A recently released memo
written by Alito in 1985 shows that the Supreme Court nominee has been working to undermine choice for years.
The memo, written during Alito’s tenure in the Reagan administration, says that the Justice Department should aim to overturn Roe, and until then, should weaken the law through state restrictions.
Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said, “Alito’s memo is a litany of legal strategies designed to undermine women’s reproductive health. He even confuses birth control with abortion and advocates additional restrictions on women’s access to contraception.
Nice huh?
Of course, Alito’s supporters say he was just doing his job:

“He was by no means suggesting the formulation of a policy here — he was simply acknowledging and proceeding from a common premise from within the Justice Department” that Roe v. Wade was a flawed decision, said Chuck Cooper, a former assistant attorney general who worked with Alito in the Justice Department.
Wendy Long, chief counsel for the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network and an Alito supporter, said she believes Alito would be restrained as a jurist by a respect for legal precedent. Even if Alito personally opposes the legal reasoning or the impact of Roe v. Wade, he could still vote to uphold abortion rights, she said.
“The memo is more about inside baseball and tactics” rather than Alito’s own views, she said.

Sure. That must be why he refers to doctors as “abortionists” and suggests telling women that “certain methods of birth control are ‘abortifacients.'”

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  • racya

    The last thing we need is a man who dosn’t know the difference between progesterone and an abortion to be in a position to rule on either.
    He dosn’t strike me as the type to pay proper heed to scientific inquiery and scientific fact. But then again scientific fact is so twentieth century these days.

  • yellownumber5

    “Inside baseball and tactics?” I thought he was a dispassionate judge who only tried to divine the meaning of the Constitution. The words “judicial activism” come to mind…