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Best gift ever

Tweet I have to give some props to my boyfriend for getting me my favorite holiday gift this year: The Subtle Safety Defensive Ring. This ring is so bad ass. It looks like a normal ring, but it actually folds out into a self defense device–kind of like mini brass knuckles. Awesome. Now if you’ll [...]
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Pottery Barn takes playtime to a new level (and price)

Tweet This just makes me want to barf. Pottery Barn Kids has taken the initiative not only to perpetuate gender roles, but sell it for a shitload of money. The company’s new “Retro Kitchen Sets” has done extremely well in sales this holiday season, even considering the pricing, which ranges between $250 and $650. (By [...]
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Preggies do it on their own.

TweetWhile we’ve raised the issue of midwifery before and questioned how necessary hospitals really are when it comes to natural childbirth, a recent study has found that coaching during labor may be unnecessary, even possibly harmful. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published the study in their January issue, which was conducted in at [...]
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Because I never go skating without my push-up bra.

Tweet The new A&E show Rollergirls is airing on Monday, and I’ll admit I’m very curious find out what the show will actually be about. On one hand, the huge billboard ad I saw in the middle of Manhattan was pretty ridiculous; all of the rollergirls were lined up, looking like Miss “Punky Bruiser” above [...]
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TweetCheck out this article from USA Today about women’s rivalry in the workplace: Are we conditioned to be catty or just as competitive as the next Joe? Here’s a snippet: The feminist movement that took root in the 1960s embraced the concept of women as standing shoulder-to-shoulder in their effort to open new doors in [...]
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