And you thought Abercrombie was bad

I found the jackpot of offensive t-shirts after seeing an ad for the company in The Onion.
What kills me is that a lot of the shirts are anti-Bush, liberal-ish types. And then there are shirts like the one above. Sigh.
More shirts after the jump.

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  • C

    Surely these shirts are a joke? Regardless I fail to see the humor behind them. I’m getting tired of the assumption that anything that crosses the line of tastefulness is humorous. Sometimes crossing the line is just indicatve of one’s failure to see women as anything but a punchline. Exploding gender stereotypes through humor is one thing; laughing at the expense of women and their experiences as sexual objects/victims of violence is something altogether different and more insidious.

  • feistyredhead

    The Friends Who Care Tshirt really makes me ill; if you follow the link, you’ll see that the back of the shirt says “isn’t that why women have more than one hole?”, as if a woman is just a collection of holes to stick things into (oh wait, isn’t that exactly what the patriarchy has taught us?)

  • TPrice

    It’s amazing how tasteless some ads and t-shirts are that cater to men. Recently, I read a news article about how greeting card companies are catering to women’s feminist issues, using “male bashing” jokes.
    I wish I can find that article again, but the gist of it was that there is a lot of male bashing in society. But the examples they used were harmless jokes that showed gender differences in greeting cards. Yet, there is an element in the media that will use the greeting card example as a way to show that feminists are too extreme, and that all these examples of objectifying and belittling women are societal norms that are fun loving and manly.
    Those greeting cards are nothing compared to the filth you see catering to men.

  • LivingIn_Exile

    The company also has a shirt that says “Stop Rape. Say Yes.” You know, cuz rape is actually very funny once you think about it.
    My other favorite (and by favorite I mean the ones that made me want to vomit the most) was the shirt that said “jesus loves you and shares your hatred of homosexuals”.
    This kind of stuff makes me hateful.

  • smar

    That site also features “Abortion stops a beating” (with a picture of a belt), “No means eat me out first” (written in between women’s legs), “Mommy tried” (with a picture of a bloody clothes hanger) and… way too many more to mention here. Oh, but they’re filed under ‘offensive’ so it’s ok.
    I’m so disgusted I don’t even know what to do. I have a sense of humour, thanks, and this isn’t even close to funny.

  • yellownumber5

    These shirts remind me of Sarah Silverman-esque humor. They both just go to the logical conclusion that would be reached if certain misogynistic, racist, or whateverist talking points actually reflected reality. There’s only so much I can take, though. Yes, these are ridiculous, terrible positions to hold, and even if you did hold them, you wouldn’t put it on your t-shirt. Still, at bottom, they exploit the suffering of others, and the “I said something I couldn’t possibly have meant” joke is only so funny and only so repeatable.

  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    TaLk to any state procecutor and you will learn that a vast part of the women in abusive relationships defend their abuser, want to go back, and do not cooperate with the state.
    it is as if they are literally addicted to the cycle of “abuse-all bettermake up -abuse”.
    It is not very funny anyone who has seen how sick that type of relationship is would not wear such a t shirt. It is just a scuzzy thing someone would wear just for the purpose of offending. what a great way to seek attention and validation.

  • Kelz

    The jesus shirt made me chuckle.
    But then again my opinion on religion is pretty bleak.
    So many t-shirt companies have sprung out of glitz and glamor of being uber offense.
    And these companies pass boundaries.
    Example: Tshirt Hell – “I like my women like I like my coffee… ground up and in the freezer” Crude, yes. But hardly hitting on the epidemic of battered women.
    Tshirt Hell – “Abortions Tickle” Crude, yes. But no where near a bloody hangar saying “mommy tried”
    Tshirt Hell has a rape joke and its about raping clowns being funny or something. Its nothing to do with consenting to avoid rape. Just a joke about clowns.
    Sure their shirts have some mysogyny, but its kinda funny when you look at it.
    Sure they make some racial jokes, but its kinda funny when you look at it.
    ALl these new companies missed the way to tastefully do distasteful jokes. So they just take it TOO far.

  • Midwesterntransport

    Yeah, the “No means eat me out first” bugs me, too.
    What a terrible idea. What an offensive site. Yich!

  • meg_donkey

    The worst part for me is that making a fuss over this would only fuel publicity for the company, inevitably getting them more business. It’s so frustrating.

  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    the thing is that no often does mean eat me out first or something similar, because no often means “Not right now im not horny”. then u work some magic, increase hornyness and suddenly “no” is jumping on u taking your pants off.
    that is just how it works.

  • leenawords

    yuck. the “liberals” who make and laugh at shit like this are the worst. and there are so many of them.

  • Bubblez

    I think that these t-shirts are funny… you say you have sense of humor yet you get angry when someone says something funny! stop taking these shirts seriously! IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES!!