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You dial like a girl.

Tweet Samsung is selling a new cell phone for women. It’s not only sparkly and pink– bonus features include offensive gender stereotypes! The phone has a built-in shopping list, fat calculator and favorite fragrance list. Plus, says Samsung marketer Jenny Goodridge, “You can put in your birth date and it will tell you if you [...]
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Ayotte starts today

TweetThe Supreme Court started hearing arguments on Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood today, and already the fur is flying. The court, starting with Justice David Souter, a New Hampshire native, wasted little time before firing questions at Ayotte about how the state’s law deals with situations where a minor’s health — but not life — is [...]
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Two women win Saudi election

TweetSweet. Two Saudi businesswomen have been elected in the kingdom’s first ballot in which women were allowed to stand. Lama al-Suleiman and Nashwa Taher were among 12 successful candidates voted onto the board of Jeddah’s chamber of commerce and industry. The turnout was low and the election was only a local affair, but analysts say [...]
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Fox news teaser totally sucks

Tweet Charlotte’s Fox Channel 18 accomplished quite a feat recently when they created a news teaser that combined the shame of abstinence-only education with the visuals of porn. The 20-second promo for the 10 p.m. newscast showed a teenage couple and said: “These local kids found God. They pledged abstinence. But now they’re getting on [...]
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TweetMy internet is rebelling against me today, so I’ll happily point folks in the direction of these recent must-reads: Rebecca “Smartypants” Traister points out the strange misogynist response to Dowd’s book on Amazon. I think Mr. John F. Ross really needs to meet Vox Day for some bosom buddy woman-bashing. After a bit of a [...]
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