Laura Bush admits sexism exists


First lady Laura Bush joined her husband in defending his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday and said it was possible some critics were being sexist in their opposition to Harriet Miers.
“That’s possible, I think that’s possible,” Mrs. Bush said when asked on NBC’s “Today Show” whether criticism that Miers lacked intellectual heft were sexist in nature.

Quite the radical feminist admission from our fair First Lady. Next thing you know she’ll be calling for equal pay for equal work, or something ridiculous like that.

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  • forrest
  • forrest

    Oops… sorry for not closing my link tag!

  • Crazy Dyke

    How’s this sound, oh Cuntly one. I advocate equal WORK for equal PAY.
    That’s right. No time off for PMS. No time off to squirt out womb turds. No time off to keep fymynyst blogs no one reads but fat ugly lesbians. How about you work as hard as the men? How about you contribute something useful to the surrounding world, as men have, rather than whine and bitch about man’s creation?
    Women contribute nothing, they take and take and take. What makes you deserve what you demand? The fact you have a tuna slit? Oh, mighty tuna! Fuck off. Murderers of the unborn. Why is killing babies so important to you fucking dykes? Here’s an idea for Pro Choice: Choose to keep your fucking legs together. For the likes of Amanda, this isn’t a problem – she couldn’t get laid on a prison ship with a gallon of bourbon and a million viagra tablets. Even the lesbians must be wincing whenever they see your corpse-like mannish face. You are ONE UGLY FUCK.
    WOOF WOOF, HERE POOCHY POOCHY POOCHY! It’s that venom within, leaking to the surface.
    Ugly swine.

  • puckalish

    hey, CD, your moma gave you your life… and all you been doin’ is “take take take” so shut the fuck up… and why don’t you see if you can make your way to a therapist while you’re at it, ‘cos yo, i don’t even wanna touch your issues, son.

  • steve

    What’s with the column by Crazy Duke and all the crazy raving?! Saying women take & take and do not contribute is like saying the sun revolves around the earth. Unfortunatley, women contribute more to resource creation in the world and have much less of the rousources.
    Interestingly, according to psychology, your raving and what you accuse women of is only representative of your attitudes (ie. take-take/entitlement attidude ..) and yourself. I would recomment you see a shrink.