19 Women tricked into sex slavery

via BBC…
Nineteen women who detectives believe were tricked into working as sex slaves have been removed from a massage parlour in Birmingham.
The women, aged between 19 and 30, were led from Cuddles on Hagley Road on Thursday evening by a special task force of about 25 female officers.
Two men and a woman, from the West Midlands, were arrested.
Twelve of the women are expected to be released but seven will be held pending checks on their immigrations status.
The women are said to come from Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland and Turkey.

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  • Dim Undercellar

    I’d like to take this opportunity to be a total porn buzzkill: a vast percentage of women portrayed in your friendly local internet porn, not to mention your slightly-less-local magazine shop, are in very similar situations to these 19 women. In fact, these women were most likely also forced to “pose” for porn shoots. When you paid good money for an object, you make the most out of your investment.
    Hell, some of you may very well have been masturbating to these specific women, sex slaves being raped, sodomized, and abused, just last week. And if someone brought up the fact that many “porn stars” are, in fact, trafficked human slaves, those folks may have said “No way; the stuff I look at is totally legit. These women do it of their own free will. It empowers them.”
    Any one of you who is a porn consumer could have very easily been masturbating to images of these womens’ rapes. These women right here. How does that make you feel?
    Like a heel, maybe? Enough like a heel to swear off paying to see women raped and objectified for your own titillation? No? Didn’t think so. It wasn’t enough for me at first, either. But I couldn’t let this article pass without at least trying to get some folks to actually consider the implications.